Security for multirobot systems

Distributed planning, communication, and control algorithms for autonomous robots make up a major area of research in computer science. But in the literature on multirobot systems, security has gotten...
17 March 2017, by

Robolliance focuses on autonomous robotics for security and survelliance

Robolliance is a new forum for technology partners and industry experts. Sponsored by Sharp Electronics Corporation, the program is a place for partners and experts in "robotics, surveillance and sec...
08 July 2016, by

The scourge of the RoboTroll is already upon us

When a robot ethics working group met nearly three years ago one of the things we fretted about was privacy. We were concerned especially about personal companion robots. Whatever their purpose, be it...
22 August 2013, by

My robot is smelling my dirty laundry (or, Notes on privacy, PRISM, and home service robotics)

This article considers privacy in robotic systems (such as personal service robotics) as being of greater importance than privacy in telecommunications (such as Internet). We will return to our regula...
03 July 2013, by

Vigilant robots autonomous security camera sensation | Grishin Robotics

Denver based company Vigilant Robots get the security industry excited about robots at ASIS2012. There is potential for both indoor and outdoor work, including in areas like server farms or clean room...
03 October 2012, by

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