Rapid outdoor/indoor 3D mapping with a Husky UGV

by Nicholas Charron The need for fast, accurate 3D mapping solutions has quickly become a reality for many industries wanting to adopt new technologies in AI and automation. New applications requir...
09 July 2017, by

How a challenging aerial environment sparked a business opportunity

We develop the fastest, smallest and lightest distance sensors for advanced robotics in challenging environments. These sensors are born from a fruitful collaboration with CERN while developing flying...
30 May 2017, by

Real-time appearance-based mapping in action at the Microsoft Kinect Challenge, IROS 2014

Last month at IROS the SV-ROS team Maxed-Out won the Microsoft Kinect Challenge. In this post Mathieu Labbé describes the mapping approach the team used to help them win....
03 October 2014, by

TED talk with Davide Scaramuzza on visual control of MAVs

Davide Scaramuzza leads the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich and is Adjunct Faculty at ETH Zurich....
29 November 2012, by

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