South Korea

Governments greasing wheels in robotics

The South Korean government funded Samsung $14.8M to develop and manufacture industrial robots; the US FDA just gave approval to Corindus Vascular Robotics for a new medical device; and the US FAA s...
21 October 2015, by

South Korean gov’t robotics budget grows 8.3%, to almost $146 million (US) in 2015

South Korea has finalized its 2015 robotics budget at around $145.8 million (US), an increase of about 8.3 percent from last year. ...
17 December 2014, by

South Korean private-public partnership to invest $2.6B in robot industry by 2018

With contributions by JiEun Maeng On July 25, the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy held the robot industry policy meeting at the Korea Technology Center in Seoul and announced the 2nd...
11 August 2014, by

Governmental funding of strategic robotic projects

Many governments have determined that robotics will play a significant role in contributing to their economy and have set up projects to fund bottlenecks to speed up the process....
11 August 2014, by

Robot tourism coming soon to Korea: Masan Robot Land project finally breaks ground

With permission finally given to occupy lands that include an existing road and stream, the Masan Robot Land Project that went adrift for almost two years was officially launched on December 7, 2013 w...
20 January 2014, by

Eating robots improve quality of life and save resources

60% of EU citizens are saying that robots should be banned when it comes to the care of children, elderly people and people with disabilities, according to the Special Eurobarometer survey "Public at...
01 December 2012, by

US$ 316M investment in Korean robotics

The South Korean government plans to expand the country's robot industry by more than 10 times over the next decade, the Korean Times reports. ...
03 November 2012, by

9th Korea Robot Supporters Competition

On Saturday, October 20, 2012 the 9th Korea Robot Supporters Competition was held at Yuhan Technical High School. Students from all over the country took part in the preliminary competitions held at t...
02 November 2012, by

2011 was a good year for Korean robotics

... According to Chosun Media, Korea produced $1.87 billion of industrial robots in 2011 and exported $453 million. The remainder was for domestic use. ... Year-over-year production was up 20% and ex...
25 July 2012, by

South Korea moving ahead with R-Learning program

... Sang-Rok Oh, KIST professor and adviser to the South Korean government for r-learning, spoke at InnoRobo, the Innovation Robotics Summit in Lyon, France and clarified the full extent of the r-lear...
30 March 2011, by

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