Robots 101: Lasers

By Ilia Baranov In this new Robots 101 series, we will be taking a look at how robots work, what makes designing them challenging, and how engineers at Clearpath Robotics tackle these problems. To ...
29 April 2015, by

Selecting a camera and lens for your robot

Choosing a camera can be confusing. It is important to determine your requirements, and then figure out how these can be achieved between the camera and the optics....
26 February 2015, by

Global Machine Vision market to grow at 9.4% CAGR

New report by Research and Markets, Global Machine Vision Market 2012-2016, a $2,500 report, forcasts global machine vision market to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% to 2016....
26 November 2013, by

Appearance manipulation system changes the look of printed materials and objects

Researchers at Wakayama University are developing a system that manipulates the color, tone and contrast of printed materials, and could be used as an aid for users with vision impairments such as low...
04 September 2013, by

Dynamic target tracking camera system keeps its eye on the ball

This camera system can track very fast moving objects, keeping them in the center of the screen at all times. Currently under development by the Ishikawa Oku Lab. at the University of Tokyo, this late...
18 June 2013, by

Vision sensor capable of detecting moving spots 0.05mm in size across from distance of 2m

Technos has introduced the Super5000K 7K Model neuro-visual sensor. This is the world's highest precision visual inspection system, and can detect spots 0.05mm in size at a distance of 2m, with a 1.4m...
26 November 2012, by

Tracking 3D objects in real-time using active stereo vision

In a recent publications in the Journal Autonomous Robots, a team of researchers from the UK, Italy and France propose a new technique that allows an active binocular robot to fixate and track objects...
10 November 2012, by

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