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Mark Stephen Meadows

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Mark Stephen Meadows is an author, inventor and designer. With more than two decades' experience in virtual reality and artificial intelligence he began working with robotics and natural language interfaces in 2009. He is the author of "We, Robot” and other books that examine media, technology, and their cultural impact. He is also the author of six patents in related fields. Helping to build the third dot-com webserver (, in 1993) Meadows went on to found his first company, Construct, in 1995. In the following years Meadows worked at Xerox-PARC, Stanford Research Institute, the Waag (among other research centers), government associations in Holland and Australia, and traveled extensively lecturing on this work. He founded Geppetto Labs in 2011 and Geppetto Avatars in 2013. He lives in San Francisco on a sailboat.

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