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Mark Stephen Meadows

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Mark Stephen Meadows is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Geppetto Avatars, Inc, which builds linguistic interfaces and conversational assistants for healthcare, financial, education, entertainment, and robotics applications. He is also the author of "We, Robot,” and other books that examine media, technology, and their cultural impact. Helping to build the third dot-com webserver (, in 1993) Meadows went on to found his first company, Construct, in 1995. In the following years Meadows worked at Xerox-PARC, Stanford Research Institute, and the Waag (among other research centers), and also traveled extensively lecturing on this work. In 2012, after nearly a decade's experience in Natural Language Processing, character design, realtime 3D, and interactive narrative, Meadows founded Geppetto Avatars.

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