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Crowdfunding with Robohub

Are you planning to crowdfund your robot startup? Need help spreading the word?

At Robohub, we love robot startups and we have a history of helping out.

We know it can be tricky to gather the necessary klout and raise enough interest to reach your funding objectives. With our reader base of 70K monthly visitors who are passionate about robotics, Robohub is ideally positioned to help you promote your campaign through our website, our newsletters and our social media channels.

Since we are a non-profit run primarily by volunteers we only ask that successful campaigns make a donation to Robohub.

So how can we help?

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using to crowdfund your robotics startup. All you need to do is send a description or preview of your campaign to:, and our editors will review your campaign to make sure that it meets our criteria. If your campaign makes the cut, you’ll receive an invitation to write a blog post about your campaign that we will feature on our homepage and promote through our social channels.

We can also help you promote during your campaign and in the final days by sending shoutout to our network via Twitter, and featuring your campaign widget in our sidebar.

We’re looking only to support high-quality robotics startups with awesome products. And that’s good, because partnering with us gives you instant credibility and backing by robotics experts.

For those of you campaigning on Indiegogo, we have a Indiegogo/Robohub Partner Page for robotics, and can help you to connect with one of their dedicated robotics mentors.

Already launched your campaign? It’s not too late to partner with us. Just send a link to your existing campaign to: