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Building Communities Around AI in Africa, with Benjamin Rosman

Deep Learning Indaba is an organization that empowers and builds communities around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across Africa. Benjamin Rosman dives into how Deep Learning Indaba is impacting these communities.
14 September 2022, by

Tertill: A weed whacking robot to patrol your garden

Update: The response to Tertill’s crowdfunding campaign has amazed and delighted us! Pledges totalling over $250,000 have come from 1000+ backers. We're shipping to all countries, with over a fifth...
06 July 2017, by



bots_alive, with Bradley Knox

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Bradley Knox, founder of bots_alive. Knox speaks about an add-on to a Hexbug, a six-legged robotic toy, that makes the bot behave more like a character. They di...
18 March 2017, by

Building character AI through machine learning

Modern character AI could be better. I’m unaware of any NPCs or electronic toy characters that can sustain an illusion of life over more than an hour. They suffer from predictability, simplicity, a...
01 February 2017, by

QuadBot: The 3D printed crab-bot scuttling beyond its Kickstarter goal

Robotics is becoming more accessible for many people, but the complexities of legged robots mean they remain beyond the reach of most consumers. The complex mechanics, electronics and code algorithms ...
09 December 2016, by

Root: A robot for all ages to learn coding

Robohub Crowdfunding Support a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund Root: the coding robot for all ages! Root is a robot, originally developed at Harvard University, that helps anyone from four to ...
31 October 2016, by

Sweep: a low cost LiDAR sensor for smart consumer products

UPDATE: Only 7 days left to back Sweep! They are now almost 80% funded....
04 April 2016, by

Phiro is a smart robot that lets kids learn to code 5 different ways

Just like reading, writing and arithmetic, problem solving and innovative thinking are essential 21st century skills our children need. Research shows that one of the most effective ways for kids to l...
16 November 2015, by

Cannybots: Smart toy cars for play and learning

Cannybots are smart toy cars that introduce kids to programming, 3D-printing, robotics and AI, through play. They can be controlled and programmed from a phone or tablet to drive around, or to pla...
30 October 2015, by

snickerdoodle: A brain for your robot

snickerdoodle is a tiny, low-cost, flexible computer for building and controlling connected robots. Unlike other affordable platforms with limited I/O, snickerdoodle provides access to 154 reconfigur...
27 October 2015, by and



Fotokite Phi, with Sergei Lupashin

Transcript included. In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Sergei Lupashin about Perspective Robotics' tethered flying camera, the Fotokite Phi, which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Th...
04 September 2015, by

BUDDY goes into final hours of crowdfunding at +500% of goal; announces new US offices

BUDDY, the world's first affordable companion robot, has reached a crowdfunding milestone. With just hours to go on the BUDDY crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, backers have contributed over $501,63...
04 September 2015, by

Jade Robot: Hands on STEM for kids and classrooms

The Jade Robot is a fully-developed educational robot designed to engage and excite the next generation of scientists and engineers. It has just completed six months of in-classroom testing with st...
18 June 2015, by



CyPhy LVL 1 Drone, with Helen Griener

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Helen Greiner, CEO and founder of CyPhy Works and co-founder of iRobot, about CyPhy Work’s LVL 1 photography drone. The LVL 1 drone has six propellers that a...
12 June 2015, by

Thymio goes wireless!

Thymio is a playful robot designed to help children discover programming, motors, light and motion sensors, and ultimately, logical and inventive thinking - right out of the box. Earlier versions...
04 June 2015, by

iPetCompanion lets you play with your pets via telepresence

iPetCompanion have developed telepresence technology that allows you to manipulate toys so you can play with your pets while you're away. The team has installed the system in hospitals and animal sh...
22 May 2015, by

Muribot: Bringing university level robotics to consumers of all abilities

Muribot is an affordable, compact robot kit, designed to make coding and robotics easily accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. It packs in quality hardware, usually seen only at universit...
06 May 2015, by

Ringo: An Arduino-powered robot bug for kids

Ringo is a friendly pet robot bug based on the Arduino UNO that was inspired and co-designed by my 1st grade daughter Hailey and my 3rd grade son Parker, who are both already writing C code. We star...
13 March 2015, by

GraspIO – An easy way to build electronics using iPhone, iPad & Android

GraspIO is part hardware and part software, and gives everyone an easy way to build electronics projects using smartphones and tablets. It’s the world’s first DIY electronics platform with easy-to...
03 December 2014, by

Ground Drone Project: Urban mobile robot chassis

The Ground Drone Project wants to make a [tweetquote]low cost ground robot chassis for hobbyists and inventors that is capable of traversing challenging obstacles[/tweetquote]. The project’s origina...
13 November 2014, by

New educational robot helps kids learn coding through music

Meet Wigl! Wigl is an interactive educational robot with a musical ear. We’ve launched our Indiegogo campaign for Wigl, the first musical robot buddy for kids. Wigl is controlled by musical notes th...
04 November 2014, by

Drone startups: Anura pocket drone

Miniature drones are becoming very popular, and one of the first successful miniature drone designs was The Pocket Drone. A remarkable Kickstarter campaign for this project raised almost $1M, while ...
09 October 2014, by

ScratchDuino DIY magnetic robotics kit on Kickstarter

ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robots construction kit based on Arduino. Magnetic mounted parts make the ScratchDuino easy to assemble, and can be programmed...
02 October 2014, by

Jerry the Bear: A robotic learning coach for kids with type 1 diabetes

Less than three campaign days left! Back Sproutel’s crowdfunding campaign to [tweetquote]help get robotic healthcare coach Jerry the Bear into the hands of kids with type 1 diabetes. [/tweetquote]...
02 September 2014, by and

Spark Aerial: Your aerial cinematography flight school

The proliferation of UAVs means that there is a growing number of UAV operators. Sometimes these operators have some experience, but in most of the cases they have none. To make things worse, nowadays...
28 August 2014, by

Edison: A low cost robotics platform

Edison is a programmable and LEGO-compatible robot that is tackling the high cost of entry level robotics; it has recently launched on Kickstarter, and is available for just $39 AUD ($37 USD) and le...
03 August 2014, by

Robohub launches Indiegogo partner page for crowdfunding robot startups

Are you planning to crowdfund your robot startup? Need help spreading the word?...
07 July 2014, by

TiddlyBot gives Raspberry Pi robot powers

The TiddlyBot, which just launched on Kickstarter, has been developed to help young people have fun and learn about robotics and programming. After running a Code Club and workshops using Raspberry P...
04 July 2014, by

Droplets: A low-cost swarm robotics platform for teaching and experimentation

We have developed a new swarm robotic platform that falls in size, cost and capability between Harvard’s kilobot and the e-Puck. The Droplet is almost spherical, can self-right after being poured ou...
02 June 2014, by

SOLID: A robot recap

O’Reilly’s recent SOLID conference, May 21-22 at Fort Mason SF, was all about the intersection of hardware and software, but it also extended and challenged our ideas about what was hardware in a ...
28 May 2014, by

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