Podcasts are the new blogs

Most of us are familiar with the podcasts about robotics from the Robots Podcast group. For different perspectives, from the funder's point of view, here's a list of podcasts from the VC's that fund r...
28 April 2017, by

Recap: 2016 funding and acquisition updates

Although the original articles (2016 was best year ever for funding robotics startup companies) and (Over $19 billion paid to acquire 50 robotic companies) have been updated to reflect the omissions o...
28 February 2017, by

Call for startups at Automate

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has announced a call for startup companies in robotics, machine vision and motion control for its Automate Launch Pad Competition. The competition will be...
01 February 2017, by and

HAX takes robotics to market in 2017

If you attended CES 2017 last week you may have seen more than 70 HAX powered startups in Eureka Park, the ‘playground of innovation’. As service robotics steals the spotlight, we wanted to showca...
12 January 2017, by and

Nailbot: A ‘nail art’ robot that inspires creativity

Launched last week on Indiegogo, the Nailbot prints instant custom art onto your fingernails from your phone. Behind the concept is a new kind of company -- a movement to inspire confidence in girls a...
17 November 2015, by and

Robots in Depth: Andra Keay on opportunities and challenges for startups

Robots in Depth is a new video series featuring interviews with researchers, entrepreneurs, VC investors, and policy makers in robotics, hosted by Per Sjöborg. In this interview, Andra Keay, directo...
10 November 2015, by and

Robots in Depth: Melonee Wise on building robots, and robot companies

Robots in Depth is a new video series featuring interviews with researchers, entrepreneurs, VC investors, and policy makers in robotics, hosted by Per Sjöborg. In this interview, Per talks to Melo...
06 October 2015, by and

One year later: Update from Leka, Robot Launch 2014 Grand Winner

Almost one year ago, Leka won the Grand Prize at the 2014 Robot Launch competition for Moti, a robotic toy that helps autistic children learn to regulate their own emotions through play. Leka cofounde...
02 July 2015, by and

#RobotLaunch has great prizes for startups, but you can’t win if you don’t enter

Robot Launch 2015 is bringing together a great pool of prizes and services for robot startups. All startups in the semis or finals are eligible for awards as we search for offers such as “Crowd Pl...
18 June 2015, by

Empowering startups’ global reach

Innorobo’s call for start-ups has just closed and 25 semi-finalists from around the world will now be reviewed by a jury of experts to select the five winners. The winners will pitch to investors...
18 February 2015, by

Who will buy your bot? End user opportunities

Unless robotics is just a hobby, commercial and funding opportunities should be at the forefront of every developer's mind and at the root of these are the end users and their needs. But who are the e...
16 January 2015, by

A startup perspective on exhibiting at CES

Exhibiting at big events takes both time and money. [tweetquote]Is it worth it for a robotics startup to invest in big expos like CES?[/tweetquote] We asked Bill Culley of Empire Robotics - the comp...
12 January 2015, by

5 tips on how NOT to run your crowd-funding campaign

Four successful startups and the president of Robohub have some advice for future crowdfunders. They've been there and offered the perk T-shirt, so listen up....
11 December 2014, by

How a bunch of startups are trying to make a business case for robotics in India | TechCircle

Robotics startups have been mushrooming over the last two years. Why? One may ask and be tempted to think that certain natural and man-made calamities forced the entrepreneurs behind these startups to...
29 October 2014, by

Just launched: Fellow Robots’s OSHbot

Fellow Robots, in partnership with Lowes Hardware, today launched the OSHbot as a customer assistant robot at the Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose. Although the robot can only give informatio...
28 October 2014, by

RE.WORK: Meeting the challenges of commercialising robotics

Robots to install underfloor insulation in draughty homes, bots for edutainment, intelliTables and tiny robust drones flying with real bees wings - tantalising glimpses of a technology on the cusp of ...
16 October 2014, by

Breakout Labs looking for robots that can change the world

I’m at Breakout Labs 3rd ‘unboxing’ today at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco. Founded by the Thiel Foundation in 2011, Breakout Labs provides seed stage funding of up to $350,000 to early st...
09 October 2014, by

Building a robotics company

By Ryan Gariepy As we’ve made more of a name for ourselves within various startup communities, we’re commonly asked how we moved from our beginnings with little resources and no connections to ...
30 September 2014, by

10 best quotes from IROS 2014 Industry Forum

How do I get to MVP? How do I take my existing technology to a different market? How do I attract outside funding for my idea? Does IP matter? (The answer to the last question is yes, although researc...
18 September 2014, by

The second wave of social robots is here

Cynthia Breazeal’s Jibo launched today and coming on the heels of Pepper, Aldebaran and Softbank’s new social robot, and Jimmy from Intel. It seems like we’re seeing a second wave of social robo...
16 July 2014, by

Science, startups and industry at RSS2014 (Part 2)

The 10th annual Robotics Science and Systems conference (RSS14) is on at the University of California, Berkeley, July 12 to 16, and we are picking up where we left off yesterday on our coverage of t...
15 July 2014, by

Science and startups at RSS2014 in Berkeley (Part 1)

The 10th annual Robotics Science and Systems conference is on at the University of California, Berkeley, July 12 to 16. From a small start, the conference now has over 800 attendees, with 28 differe...
14 July 2014, by

Startup Series #6: MIT Entreprise Forum VLAB

The VLAB Collaborative Robots forum on Thursday May 29 was a masterclass for robot startups. For 90 minutes at the Knight Management Center at Stanford, we heard all about the business of robotics fro...
09 July 2014, by

Game of drones – extreme sports photography

“Yet another ‘follow me’ drone" says Chris Anderson – after three projects launched this weekend, including his own 3DRobotics’ open source ‘follow me’ feature for android. Extreme sport...
18 June 2014, by



Russian robotics, with Roman Luchin and Andrew Gryaznov

In this episode, Sabine speaks with Andrew Gryaznov, co-founder of Cubic Robotics and Roman Luchin, CEO of CyberTech Labs, about robotics in Russia. They provide us with an inside view on robotics edu...
30 May 2014, by

Meet the winners of Robot Launch 2014

In February 2014, Robohub and Silicon Valley Robotics launched the first global startup competition for robotics. More than 75 startups from 19 countries entered the competition, with robotics inn...
27 May 2014, by

Robot Launch 2014 – Robohub People’s Choice round three

For the next three weeks, Robohub readers can vote for the "People's Choice" startup from the Robot Launch competition. Each week, we're going to publish 10 videos from our Top 30 and during our live...
07 May 2014, by

Robot Launch 2014: Robohub People’s Choice Round Two

For the next three weeks, Robohub readers can vote for the "People's Choice" startup from the Robot Launch competition. Each week, we're going to publish 10 videos from our Top 30, and during our liv...
30 April 2014, by

#Robots14 event “From Imagination to Market” is itself imaginative

An adage in tech funding is "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Aaron Horowitz (left) and Hannah Chung (in the bear suit on the right) boost that concept - and their visibility - by weari...
22 April 2014, by

Robot Launch 2014: First round favorites

We had a some amazing entries in Robot Launch 2014 across a wide range of fields, and not all of our favorites made it through to the Top 30. So we’d like to share some highlights of the First Round...
16 April 2014, by

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