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Curiosity’s Martian anniversary selfie is a sign of the times

June 26, 2014


NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover captures a selfie to mark a full Martian year – 687 Earth days – spent exploring the Red Planet. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Robots, selfies and remote connectedness … It may be a lonely place to celebrate an anniversary, but on June 24th, Curiosity made the universe that much smaller – and robots that much more ubiquitous – by snapping a selfie to mark its one year anniversary on planet Mars. This photo will surely go down in history as a sign of the times.

To help celebrate Curiosity’s achievements, we’ve compiled a brief list of links, articles and videos that show just how far the Mars mission has come.


NASA press release reviews the first Martian year and the advances of MSL’s very succesful mission so far.

You can access all the photos (in RAW format also) from JPL’s dedicated MSL website as well as read NASA’s Curiosity webpage.

We covered Curiosity’s mission since its launch on November 2011 up until now, you can access all our articles here:

Robohub – MSL Curiosity articles

PS. Something a little more fun, in the tumblr blog named Martian Wiggles you can find a compilation of animated gifs made from the raw images provided by JPL like the following showing images from Left Navcam, during Sol 283:


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