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Curiosity’s Martian anniversary selfie is a sign of the times

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover captures a selfie to mark a full Martian year - 687 Earth days - spent exploring the Red Planet. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Robots, selfies and remote connectedne...
26 June 2014, by and

Video: Panel discussion celebrating 10 years of the Mars Exploration Rover

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 10:30AM - 12PM Eastern Time:  NASA and the Smithsonian team up to facilitate two panel discussions on Mars robotic and human missions. Held in NASM's Moving Beyond Earth gallery, par...
06 January 2014, by

Don’t build robots, build robot systems

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Why aren't there more intelligent mobile robots in real world applications? It's a good question, and one I'm often asked. The answer I give most often is tha...
07 October 2013, by

Space mining: Robots in the final frontier

Over the past two decades, robotic planetary exploration has generated an incredible wealth of knowledge about our neighbors in the Solar System. We now realize that celestial bodies within our reach...
01 July 2013, by

NASA rover finds conditions once suited for ancient life on mars | NASA JPL

An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes.See on
12 March 2013, by

A visual history of robotic Mars probes | Wired UK

Check out Paul Butt's beautifully illustrated infographic on the history of Mars exploration by robotic probes, and the many successes and failures along the way.   See on Wired UK. &...
11 March 2013, by

A conversation with NASA’s Dave Lavery

On Monday, I had the opportunity and pleasure to have a discussion with NASA's Program Executive for Solar System Exploration, Dave Lavery. During the course of the conversation, Dave answered my ques...
09 January 2013, by

Space business, with Stephen Gorevan

Link to audio file (47:00) Link to transcript In today’s episode we speak with Stephen Gorevan from Honeybee Robotics about how he and Chris Chapman started the company and how his childhood dream...
19 October 2012, by

Curiosity lands safely and In working order

Depending on which time zone you're in, either yesterday evening or early this morning, a rocket-powered sky crane lowered the Curiosity rover gently to the surface of Mars, just in time for Curiosity...
06 August 2012, by

JPL Open House 2012, with Tod Litwin, Megan Richardson, Kit Kennedy, Mike Watkins and Dimitri Zarzhitsky

Link to audio file (28:07)In today’s show we bring you to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Open House, just in time to prepare for the landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover in less tha...
27 July 2012, by

Curiosity update with Scott Maxwell Would you like to watch Curiosity pile up sand behind its wheels as it struggles up a slope, this video is about as close as you're likely to get, at least until Curiosity...
08 July 2012, by

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity, Mars mission

One of the biggest steps in space exploration, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) named Curiosity was launched today with an Atlas V 541 vehicle and it is now on its way to Mars. The Curiosity rover is...
26 November 2011, by

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