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Digital farms are already a reality

Farmers, ranchers and growers the world over are transitioning to precision agricultural methods, i.e., subdividing their acreage into many unique sub-plots -- in some cases right down to the indivi...
10 November 2016, by

Showcasing New Zealand AgTech: Bringing automation and robotics to the farm

New Zealand’s government innovation agency Callaghan Innovations and Silicon Valley’s innovation non-profit SVForum organized Transforming AgTech, an event bringing together New Zealand and US a...
27 April 2016, by and

Using drones in wine making

In 2014, viticulturist William Metz was granted a fellowship by the Villa d’Este Wine Symposium to spend a full year evaluating the potential applications of drones in wine making — a project t...
28 December 2015, by

Yamaha RMAX crop sprayer gets full FAA approval

The FAA granted Yamaha Motor Corporation an Agricultural Aircraft Operations certificate for their RMAX crop spraying remotely piloted helicopters....
21 December 2015, by

Blueberry picking robot could win $250,000 prize

Here’s an interesting robotics challenge – a coalition of blueberry farmers are offering a $250,000 prize for automation solutions that improve blueberry picking. The deadline for entries in the c...
29 October 2015, by

Drought and desertification: How robots might help

Groundwater levels in California's Central Valley are down to historic lows and reservoirs have been depleted following four consecutive years of severe drought in the state. California is set to i...
17 April 2015, by

2 agricultural robotics projects funded under latest Horizon 2020

On January 13 the EU announced its list of robotics projects funded under Horizon 2020, the EU funding program for research and innovation. Agriculture is one of four “priority domains” for robot...
27 January 2015, by

Harvesting Robots for High-value Crops | Journal of Field Robotics

“This review article analyzes state-of-the-art and future perspectives for harvesting robots in high-value crops. The objectives were to characterize the crop environment relevant for robotic harves...
14 July 2014, by

University students developing robotic gardening technology | NASA

As astronauts explore beyond Earth, they will need to make their habitat as self-sustaining as possible. This includes growing fruits and vegetables.Source:
12 July 2014, by

Will agricultural robots arrive in time to keep fruit and vegetable costs down?

Grape pickers migrate from field to field in northern Mexico and California. Photo credit: Tomas Castelazo (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons. 77% of all agricultural workers in the US are foreign bor...
11 July 2014, by



Zero Tillage Robotics, with Peter Corke

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Professor Peter Corke from Queensland University of Technology, about the fast-tracking research that will see robots planting, weeding, maintaining and har...
02 May 2014, by

Urban vegetable garden system with LED lighting

Keystone Technology's LED vegetable garden system is a cultivation system for indoor plant factories that uses LED lighting instead of sunlight. The most defining feature of the system on display at t...
10 March 2014, by

Harvest Automation rolls out bots for nurseries

Harvest Automation, a Massachusetts-based start-up, has begun shipping their robots. After five years and an A, B and C round of equity funding, plus some debt, totalling almost $25 million, their HV-...
17 January 2014, by

Robotics and the disruptive transformation of agriculture

Over the last few years, there has been increasing talk about the potential of agriculture as a market for robotics. Speaking about future markets for unmanned aerial systems in a recent presentation ...
15 July 2013, by

CMURobotics RI Seminar: Mel Torrie of Autonomous Solutions

As guest speaker for a CMURobotics RI Seminar, titled Lessons Learned Bootstrapping a Robotic Vehicle Company, Mel Torrie of Autonomous Solutions (Petersboro, Utah), describes how he got into robotics...
02 February 2013, by

Farming Today 14/01/2013: interview with Simon Blackmore | BBC Radio 4

“Farming Today takes a glimpse into a future which could have tractors driving themselves and robots pulling weeds. Anna Hill talks to a leading authority on precision farming, Professor Simon B...
14 January 2013, by

David Gardner, CEO of RASE, at Oxford Farming Conference

Together with Professor Maurice Maloney, Director of Rothamsted Research, David Gardner, CEO of The Royal Agricultural Society of England, speaking with Charlotte Smith of the BBC R4's Farming Today, ...
06 January 2013, by

Technology for its own sake vs. benefits

On using robots to make gardening scalable to millions of acres… You might wonder why I want to turn land management over to robots. Is it because I'm such a geek that I think everything goes bet...
23 December 2012, by

Future of farming geared for efficient robotic workers | Design News, by Cabe Atwell

“One way to achieve increased efficiency is to employ robotic farmers and automated tools, which never get tired. Not to mention bots achieve a level of precision that can’t be matched by ...
29 November 2012, by

Reviewing “Farmerbots: a new industrial revolution” by James Mitchell Crow

Writing in issue 2888 of New Scientist, James Mitchell Crow introduces us to the notion that robots will, sooner or later, be tending the crops we depend upon for food, and takes us on a whirlwind wor...
11 November 2012, by

Down on the robofarm |

"Soon, we might see fields with agribots that can identify individual seedlings and coax them along with tailored drops of fertiliser and measured sips of water. Other machines would distinguish weeds...
26 October 2012, by

2012 Field Robot Event, June 28th – 30th

  This will be the 10th edition of the Field Robot Event. Organized by Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen UR (University & Research), it will be held in Venlo, The Nether...
16 June 2012, by

Agricultural robotics at the European Robotics Forum 2012

A press release issued by the European Robotics Platform website regarding agricultural robotics as a presence at the European Robotics Forum 2012 makes plain not only that there is a significant leve...
16 April 2012, by

Australian research organization’s description of agricultural robotics

On a web page describing their current efforts in agricultural robotics, CSIRO ICT Centre describes the focus area this way: The application of field robotics to agriculture is an emerging area of ...
09 January 2012, by

Reforming agriculture through more sophisticated mechanization

Historically, at least since the mechanization of agriculture began in earnest, there have been two primary measures of agricultural productivity, the amount that could be grown on a given acreage and...
10 December 2011, by

Agricultural robotics and employment

At least with regard to agriculture, the effect of robotics upon employment depends on the approach taken. If your goal is to further reduce the number of people deriving an income from farming, and y...
12 June 2011, by

The potential of agriculture as a market for robotics

When I imagine robots tending land, it's nearly always machines that are supported from above, on a beam that itself is supported by wheels running either on rails or in troughs that double as a deliv...
16 August 2010, by

Getting there from here, round 2

While it's inevitable that agriculture will eventually incorporate robotics to some degree, what form that takes is a wide open question, one that, left to itself, would eventually find an answer driv...
10 November 2007, by

Why use robots, round 3

Why use robots to do what people can do, when there are so many unemployed?   Before responding to that question, let me turn it around. Why, given that there are no laws preventing them f...
15 September 2007, by

Getting there from here

If you look at the current state of agriculture, and also at the preponderance of robotics work related to it, there isn't much encouragement to be found for a vision of machines bringing better pract...
07 June 2007, by

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