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Giving robots a sense of touch

Eight years ago, Ted Adelson’s research group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) unveiled a new sensor technology, called GelSight, that uses physical contact...
05 June 2017, by

Ingestible robots, glasses-free 3-D, and computers that explain themselves

Machines that predict the future, robots that patch wounds and wireless emotion-detectors are just a few of the exciting projects that came out of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence ...
19 December 2016, by

Liatris: looking to change how robots see the world

Fully autonomous robotics could be developed today if objects could tell a robot what they are, their purpose and how to utilize them. Liatris is a new open source project built with ROS. Its objectiv...
20 October 2015, by

A computer vision system for mining artistic influence

When we look at an image we not only recognize object categories and scene category, but we can also infer various aesthetic, cultural and historical aspects. For example, an expert (or even an averag...
06 November 2014, by , and



Quest for Computer Vision, with Peter Corke

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Peter Corke from Queensland University of Technology, about computer vision - the subject of his plenary talk at IROS 2014 (link to slides below). He begins ...
03 October 2014, by

Asparagus to be harvested by robotic vision system | Farming & Agriculture blog

  “Until now, the level of automation in asparagus harvesting has been negligible due to the absence of cost-effective technology. But harvesting the products manually can lead to losses of ...
03 December 2012, by

“Lettuce Bot” rolls through crops, terminates weeds it visually identifies | Singularity Hub

"This agricultural robot is the product of Blue River Technology, an Indiana-based startup founded last year by two Stanford alums. The company looks to disrupt the herbicide industry by using sophist...
19 September 2012, by

New wave of deft robots is changing global industry

(New York Times) "Robots far more adept than those now commonly used by automakers and other industries are replacing workers in both manufacturing and distribution. ... Older robots cannot do such w...
19 August 2012, by

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