Robots in Depth: Andra Keay on opportunities and challenges for startups


Robots in Depth is a new video series featuring interviews with researchers, entrepreneurs, VC investors, and policy makers in robotics, hosted by Per Sjöborg. In this interview, Andra Keay, director of Silicon Valley Robotics, talks about opportunities and challenges for robotics startups and how developments in the agricultural sector can aid consumer robots.

Andra explains how Silicon Valley Robotics formed and what they do, including organising networking events such as the annual Robot Block Party.

She also shares her views on the areas of robotics where we will see significant developments in the near future, including progress in agricultural robotics that could feed into improvements in other industries, such as home robots.

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By Per Sjöborg

Per is an all around robot geek and has been that for as long as he can remember. He has been doing audio podcasts for quite a while now, starting his own podcast focusing on self reconfiguring modular robotics in 2010 and joining the Robots podcast for general robotics interviews in 2011.

He has recently launched a video interview series called Robots in Depth.

In his day job he is launching, a company that will rent anything in modular robotics.