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RobotShop continues acquisition spree

October 14, 2014


RobotShop, one of Canada’s fastest growing small companies, continues to expand and acquire. Its most recent acquisition is FlyingEinstein, a Florida-based manufacturer that designs and produces flight controllers for drones.

In August, 2012 RobotShop acquired LynxMotion, a manufacturer and distributor of educational robot kits. In November, 2013, RobotShop acquired DiaLFonZo-Copter, a designer and producer of multi-rotor copter kits.

“There is a long list of exciting possibilities for drones in the near future and we are very excited to bring in new talent like Eric Nantel (a.k.a. “DiaLFonZo”) to help us in this venture,” said Mario Tremblay, CEO of RobotShop.

RobotShop, DialFonZo and LynxMotion formed a new division within RobotShop specializing in UAS, and they teamed up with FlyingEinstein to develop, produce and market FlyingEinstein’s newest generation of Quadrino Nano Flight Controller. It was from that collaboration that RobotShop decided to acquire permanent and exclusive rights to FlyingEinstein’s technologies. The transaction isn’t a real acquisition, but rather a joint venture. Robotshop will be the exclusive source of FlyingEinstein products and FlyingEinstein will continue to pursue other robotics and UAV products. Robotshop will provide product and manufacturing support.

Regarding the Flying Einstein acquisition, Tremblay said: “After analysing our community’s needs, we saw everything we wanted was already included in the Quadrino from FlyingEinstein and a new partnership will give more support to the MultiWii community and bring our UAV platforms to the next level.”

RobotShop, a French Canadian-based online marketer with distribution arms in Europe and the US, is the largest online robot store offering every type of robotic product from toys to professional robots, from kits to specialized robotic parts, from educational to industrial. RobotShop also has a wide range of additional services for the robotics community including MyRobots, a network to connect, monitor, maintain, share and buy software apps, Flowbotics Studio, a robotics software platform for creating apps and to make robots easier to program, and the new RobotShop LynxMotion UAV division for autopilots and aerial robots of all types.

Frank Tobe
guest author
Frank Tobe is the owner and publisher of The Robot Report, and is also a panel member for Robohub's Robotics by Invitation series.

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