Softbank: How Large Companies Approach Robotics, with Brady Watkins

Brady Watkins gives insights into how a large company like Softbank Robotics approaches the Robotics market
03 August 2022, by

Robot sales surge in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Sales of industrial robots have reached a strong recovery: A new record of 486,800 units were shipped globally – an increase of 27% compared to the previous year.

Investors warn Deep Tech founders about these 12 pitfalls

Here’s a collection of tips for Deep Tech founders gathered from the GIST TechConnect Panel on Deep Tech with Nakia Melecio from Georgia Tech, Nhi Lê from WARF, Andra Keay from SVR and The Robotics Hub, G. Nagesh Rao from US Dept of State.
16 December 2021, by

Softbank Robotics Europe cutting workforce 40% in shake-up

Softbank Robotics Europe, the group behind two of the more recognizable robots, is laying off 40% of its workforce. On July 7, the developer of the famous Nao and Pepper robots will reduce its Paris-b...
06 July 2021, by

How to build a robotics startup: getting some money to start

This episode is about learning the options you have to get some money to start your startup and what is expected you achieve with that money. In this podcast series of episodes we are going to expl...
18 May 2021, by

How to build a robotics startup: getting the team right

This episode is about understanding why you can’t build your startup alone, and some criteria to properly select your co-founders. In this podcast series of episodes we are going to explain how t...
06 April 2021, by

How to build a robotics startup: the product idea

In this podcast series of episodes we are going to explain how to create a robotics startup step by step. We are going to learn how to select your co-founders, your team, how to look for investors,...
23 February 2021, by

The Year Of The SPAC And What It Means For Hardware

CBS MarketWatch declared 2020: The Year of the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation). A record 219 companies went public through this fundraising vehicle that uses a reverse merger with an ex...
03 January 2021, by



Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis in Salesforce Analytics, with Amruta Moktali

In this interview, Audrow Nash interviews Amruta Moktali, VP of Product Management at Salesforce Analytics, about Salesforce Analytics’ analytic and artificial intelligence software. Moktali discuss...
17 September 2018, by

Teradyne acquires MiR for $272M, continues robotics spree

In a surprise but smart move, Teradyne (NYSE:TER), the American test solutions provider that acquired Universal Robots in 2015 and Energid Technologies earlier in 2018, acquired Danish MiR (Mobil...
26 April 2018, by

October 2017 fundings, acquisitions and IPOs

Twenty-eight different startups were funded in October cumulatively raising $862 million, up from $507 million in September. Three of the top four fundings were for startups involved in the self-drivi...
02 November 2017, by

Global robot growth causing shortages in critical components

Two reputable research resources are reporting that the robotics industry is growing more rapidly than expected. BCG (Boston Consulting Group) is conservatively projecting that the market will reach $...
03 October 2017, by

Industrial robots in China up, up and away!

China has rapidly become a global leader in robotics and automation. 2016 annual sales of industrial robots reached the highest level ever for any single country: 87,000 units (up 27% from 2015) and C...
30 August 2017, by

July 2017 fundings, acquisitions, IPOs and failures

July 2017 was a big month for robotics-related company funding. Four raised $588 million and 19 others raised $370.6 million for a monthly total of $958.6 million. Acquisitions als...
01 August 2017, by

Robotics industry growing faster than expected

Two reputable research resources are reporting that the robotics industry is growing more rapidly than expected. BCG (Boston Consulting Group) is conservatively projecting that the market will reach $...
11 July 2017, by

ARM Institute West Coast meeting review

Robotics manufacturing in the US will be getting federal support to match business or startup investments via the new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. Perhaps more importantly, the ARM...
29 June 2017, by and

Uber regrouping after Levandowski firing

Uber, the global ride-sharing transportation company, has named two replacements to recover from the recent firing of Anthony Levandowski who headed their Advanced Technologies Group, their OTTO truck...
12 June 2017, by

Making Pepper walk: Understanding Softbank’s purchase of Boston Dynamics

It is unclear if Masayoshi Son, Chairman of Softbank, was one of the 17 million YouTube viewers of Boston Dynamic’s Big Dog before acquiring the company for an undisclosed amount this past Thursday...
12 June 2017, by

China’s strategic plan for a robotic future is working: 500+ Chinese robot companies

In 2015, after much research, I wrote about China having 194 robot companies and used screen shots of The Robot Report's Global Map to show where they were and a chart to show their makeup. We've just...
07 June 2017, by

May 2017 fundings, acquisitions, IPOs and failures

May 2017 had two robotics-related companies get $9.5 billion in funding and 22 others raised $249 million. Acquisitions also continued to be substantial with Toyota Motor's $260 million acquisition o...
01 June 2017, by

Two stars, different fates

Andy Rubin, who developed the Android operating system at Google then went on to lead Google through multiple acquisitions into robotics, has launched a new consumer products company. Anthony Levandow...
31 May 2017, by

The Wolf: The Hunt Continues shows calculated precision for hacking into an network

Here's a video you will want to watch. "The Wolf: The Hunt Continues" is really an ad showing how a hacker can enter a network through an unprotected printer (or robot). Christian Slater stars as th...
26 May 2017, by

SoftBank invests $5 billion into Didi Chuxing and $4 billion more in Nvidia

SoftBank, the giant telecom company, is venturing out into the world of robotics and transportation services. DealStreet Asia said that SoftBank is trying to transform itself into the 'Berkshire Hatha...
24 May 2017, by

To err is algorithm: Algorithm fallibility and economic organisation

Algorithmic fails Dig below the surface of some of today’s biggest tech controversies and you are likely to find an algorithm misfiring:[1] YouTube advertising controversy: The algorithm place...
18 May 2017, by

An AI Primer for mechatronics

This week I attended an “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roundtable” of leading scientists, entrepreneurs and venture investors. As the discussion focused mainly on basic statistical techniques, I l...
11 May 2017, by

24 research reports that dissect the robotics industry

After reading the press releases for this batch of 24 research reports, although they vary widely in their forecasts, they almost all agree that most segments of the robotics industry are expected to...
05 May 2017, by

iRobot, KUKA and other robotic stocks exceed earnings expectations

iRobot (IRBT on the NASDAQ stock exchange) jumped from $70 to $80 per share on news that iRobot's quarterly earnings were so good that the company raised their forecast for 2017 to new highs. KUKA a...
04 May 2017, by

As DJI dominates camera and commercial drone sales, drone funding falls

According to AgFunder's 2016 AgTech Investing Report (supported by The Robot Report's own research), 2016 drone funding fell 64% from 2015 levels. Also, the type of companies getting funded were sens...
03 May 2017, by

April 2017 fundings, acquisitions, IPOs and failures

April 2017 had 16 robotics-related fundings totaling over $337 million - a fourth solid month for 2017 - $995 million year-to-date. Acquisitions also continued to be substantial with ABB's $2 billion...
02 May 2017, by

Podcasts are the new blogs

Most of us are familiar with the podcasts about robotics from the Robots Podcast group. For different perspectives, from the funder's point of view, here's a list of podcasts from the VC's that fund r...
28 April 2017, by

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