When robots become art: Interview with Yi-Wei Keng

How can robotics help to enhance the development of the modern arts? Japan’s famous playwright, stage director Oriza Hirata and leading roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro launched the “Robot Theater Proj...
29 November 2016, by

Art meets robotics in Patrick Tresset’s OPLINE Prize entry

The OPLINE Prize is the first online contemporary art award, where the audience vote for the winner out of 10 nominated artists. The winning artist receives 4,000 Euros and exhibitions. The winner al...
27 October 2016, by

ShanghAI Lectures: Louis-Philippe Demers “Embodiment and robotic arts”

The Blind Robot by Louis-Philippe Demers is a reference to the works of Merleau-Ponty and his example of the body extension of the blind man’s cane, where the cane not only senses the world but also...
21 March 2014, by

ShanghAI Lectures: Adrianne Wortzel “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Guest talk in the ShanghAI Lectures, 2009-12-17 This lecture discusses the relevance of embedding dramatic scenarios and expressive language into methodologies employed in the research and developm...
13 February 2014, by

Curious & creative, with Rob Saunders

Link to audio file (36:25)In today’s episode we speak with Rob Saunders about work done at the University of Sydney in computational creativity and curiosity....
11 January 2013, by

Hotel robot creates art from sleeping patterns of guests

The hotel chain ibis is offering guests a unique experience that combines technology and art. See on
28 September 2012, by

Exploring the relationship between art and machines

Ghosts in the Machine surveys the constantly shifting relationship between humans, machines, and art. See on
09 July 2012, by

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