Tackling the European refugee crisis with solar-powered UAVs: A fully autonomous 26 hour search-and-rescue flight

One year after having demonstrated the 81-hour continuous solar-powered flight that is still the current world record in flight endurance for all aircrafts < 50kg total mass, the AtlantikSolar UAV ...
24 August 2016, by

Solar-powered flight for 81 hours: A new endurance world record

Two weeks after demonstrating AtlantikSolar’s first 24-hour flight, the fixed-wing team of ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab has reached another milestone: 81.5 hours and 2316 km of continuou...
31 July 2015, by

Robot holiday season videos 2012 (continued)

Our colleagues at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL just sent us a fun video of Santa riding a fixed-wing robot and loosing a present. Luckily, the present can autonomously find its way to...
24 December 2012, by

Robot holiday season videos 2012 (continued)

More videos for the holiday season featuring robots have started to appear. This time, General Motors and Kiva Systems feature high-tech robots pretending to be "Santa's little helpers"....
22 December 2012, by

Robot holiday season videos 2012

My colleagues at the Autonomous Systems Christmas Lab at ETH Zurich have created an awesome Christmas video featuring some of their cool robots:...
18 December 2012, by

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