Rethink Robotics finally get their mojo with Sawyer

Rethink Robotics displayed their new single-armed Sawyer robot at the RoboBusiness Conference and Expo in San Jose on Wednesday. It was Sawyer's first public outing and the crowd of over 1,600 was pay...
28 September 2015, by

Baxter goes to Oregon, to help bring robots to the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak

At the end of January, Baxter left OSRF for a stint in Corvallis, Oregon where he will be used in a project that is investigating the use of teleoperated robots in the treatment of highly contagious d...
17 February 2015, by

2015 sees mobile manipulators coming to market

[tweetquote]Fetch Robotics has just announced $3 million funding from Shasta Ventures and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures[/tweetquote], which will be used to bring their new mobile manipulator robots to...
09 February 2015, by

Rethink Robotics gets $26.6 million Christmas gift

UPDATED Jan 8: In an unannounced funding discovered by Boston Globe reporter Scott Kirsner, [tweetquote]Rethink Robotics sold equity and received $26.6 million a few days before Christmas[/tweetquote]...
08 January 2015, by

Announcing the Winners of the IROS 2014 Baxter Contest! | Rethink Robotics

Luis F. C. Figueredo, from Automation and Robotics Lab. at the University of Brasilia (Currently working with the Model-based Embedded and Robotic Systems Group in the CSAIL Lab at MIT). Luis came up ...
04 September 2014, by

Rethink Robotics is downsizing

Although Rethink Robotics is downsizing, their action is not indicative of the robotics industry, which is booming and hiring. The Boston Globe reported that Rethink Robotics, maker of the $22,000 ...
14 December 2013, by

Co-robots really ARE a BIG thing

UPDATED: October 6, 2013 Small and medium shops and factories (SMEs) are an untapped marketplace for robotics but direly in need of automation to remain competitive in this global economy. Two ne...
05 October 2013, by

Low-cost robots like Baxter, UR5 and UR10 successfully entering small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Much has been said about the need to augment the skills and increase the productivity of small factory workers by using robotic assistants called co-robots. Europe funded an SME (Small and Medium-size...
14 May 2013, by

Rethink Robotics introduces Baxter Research Robot

Rethink Robotics has announced the availability of a bundle, called the Baxter Research Robot, which includes their Baxter robot and a Software Development Kit, for US$22,000....
26 April 2013, by

Henrik Christensen on “If you had a EUR 100M investment fund, into which robotics technology or field of robotics would you put your money?̶

Robots for manufacturing. Generating a new family of robots that have a fluent interaction with humans. It will be easily programmable. Some would argue that Baxter provides this functionality. Unfo...
15 January 2013, by

Rodney Brooks speaking at the CMU Robotics Institute   Speaking at CMU Robotics Institute as part of their RI Seminar Series, Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Rethink Robotics (originally Heartland Robo...
15 October 2012, by

Rethink Robotics, with Rodney Brooks

Link to audio file (34:39) Link to transcript In today’s episode we speak with Rodney Brooks at the offices of Rethink Robotics about their first product Baxter, his ambition to revolutionize manu...
05 October 2012, by

Rethink Robotics launches Baxter the Robot

Yesterday was the launch of Rethink Robotics' Baxter shop assistant robot. Many reporters, including myself, saw Baxter at Rethink's headquarters in Boston in the past two months but were embargoed...
19 September 2012, by

How Rethink Robotics built its new Baxter robot worker | IEEE Spectrum

Like others who track robotics, we’d heard the rumors: Rethink was focusing on manufacturing; its robots would be so inexpensive every factory would be able to afford one; the robots would help make...
19 September 2012, by

A Robot with a delicate touch

Researchers are developing less threatening machines that can mingle safely with humans. One, called Baxter, will be on sale in October. See on
18 September 2012, by

Rethink Robotics: Baxter

Astute. Aware. Affordable. Not words commonly associated with robots. But Baxter, our flagship product, changes all that. See on
18 September 2012, by

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