Teaching a brain-controlled robotic prosthetic to learn from its mistakes

Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) -- where brain waves captured by electrodes on the skin are used to control external devices such as a robotic prosthetic -- are a promising tool for helping people w...
01 October 2015, by

Researchers use artificial tail to study how we adapt to brain-machine interfaces

Researchers from the Keio Institue of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS) are working to reveal the mechanism by which newly acquired knowledge and information is transmitted and evolves among organisms...
13 April 2015, by

Open Brain-Computer Interface: An Interview with Conor Russomanno

Brain-computer interfacing (BCI) is a rapidly growing field that offers huge potential for many applications, such as medical grade BCIs to help people with sensory-motor disabilities. Currently, a nu...
08 September 2014, by and

How brain signals could control a variety of devices: BrainGate’s Beata Jarosiewicz

Link to audio file (23:28), or  listen on iTunes In this interview, TechEmergence talks to Dr. Beata Jarosiewicz from Brown's BrainGate project about the science of making sense of the brain's inner...
03 September 2014, by and

Exclusive Q&A: World cup kickoff looms for demo of brain-controlled machine | Science

During the World Cup next week, there may be 1 minute during the opening ceremony when the boisterous stadium crowd in São Paulo falls silent: when a paraplegic young person wearing a brain-controlle...
12 June 2014, by

The intersection of engineering and neuroscience: Dan Bacher on BrainGate and assistive technologies

Dan Bacher has always been fascinated by two things: electrical engineering and neuroscience. While these interests may seem divergent, the synthesis of them led him to Brown University’s BrainGate ...
01 April 2014, by and

The gateway to advanced neuroprosthetics: Jessica Feldman talks BrainGate and BCI

If the human brain is considered a computer, what does that mean for science and our lives? Could we repair damaged areas, replace damaged parts, or even upgrade our own minds? It might sound like lit...
07 March 2014, by and

Engineers build brain-controlled music player

Imagine if playing music was as simple at looking at your laptop screen. Now it is thanks to Kenneth Camilleri and his team of researchers from the Department of Systems and Control Engineering and th...
04 March 2014, by and

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