CES 2015

What do consumers want? Better batteries, not wearables | Fortune

You wouldn’t guess it wandering the endless displays of gadgets here at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, but the top tech need on the mind of most Americans isn’t sharper televisions, smar...
15 January 2015, by

A startup perspective on exhibiting at CES

Exhibiting at big events takes both time and money. [tweetquote]Is it worth it for a robotics startup to invest in big expos like CES?[/tweetquote] We asked Bill Culley of Empire Robotics - the comp...
12 January 2015, by

CES 2015: The ‘amazing’ autonomous Mercedes

The unveiling of the long sleek Mercedes Benz F 015 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas was quite something. It was amazing. Mercedes told us that they have been developing autonom...
12 January 2015, by

Robocars at CES: BMW

Day 3 at CES started with a visit to BMW’s demo. They were mostly test driving new cars like the i3 and M series cars, but for a demo, they made the i3 deliver itself along a planned corridor. It wa...
09 January 2015, by

Robocars at CES: Supervised traffic jam assist

After a short day looking at robocars at CES, a more full day was full of the usual equipment — cameras, TVs, audio and the like and visits to several car booths....
08 January 2015, by

DJI Drone Rodeo at CES | The Verge

“DJI folks were there to show off their newest unit, the Inspire One, but they also invited a bunch of industry partners to help them demonstrate some of the crazier things people are doing with...
07 January 2015, by

Robocars at CES: Mercedes concept

There is reasonable volume of robocar related stuff to see here at CES. I just had a few hours today, and went to see the much touted Mercedes F105 “Luxury in Motion.” This is a concept, and no...
07 January 2015, by

Cars in the UK, China, LA, CES and here : Robocar news update

I see new articles on robocars in the press every day now, though most don’t say a lot new. Here, however, are some of the recent meaningful stories from the last month or two while I’ve been on t...
01 January 2015, by

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