Factory move to U.S. creates jobs with help from robot workforce

By investing $6 million in robots, Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) was able to take back 10% of their manufacturing from China and place it into a new factory in Manning, South Carolina employin...
25 January 2017, by

Five applications for craft beer robots

What tasks in a craft brewery can you do with a collaborative robot? Here are five options to improve the efficiency, consistency and safety of manufacturing in the beverage industry....
28 December 2016, by and

Collaborative robots and breaking down evolving risk assessment

During the last 50 years, industrial robots have been increasingly used in manufacturing industries around the world. The technology has been evolving and adapting to the needs of its users. Over the ...
14 April 2016, by and

New collaborative robots — and product lines — at iREX 2015

We visited iREX 2015 last week at the Tokyo Big Sight. It was great to be in robotland and to be immersed in Japan's point of view on robotics. Some well-known collaborative robot manufacturers are ...
07 December 2015, by and

#iREX2015 collaborative robots video roundup

Several new collaborative robots were shown at the IREX show in Japan. Check out the video....
04 December 2015, by and

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