Doggone it, there are no exciting consumer robots

If CES shows us anything it’s that consumer robots aren’t exciting, they’re appliances. But it’s exciting that we have a growing field of consumer robots, smart devices and appliances. Accordi...
21 January 2014, by

7 consumer robots to look out for from CES 2014

This year’s CES in Las Vegas showcased some of the latest technologies from both established and up-and-coming robotics companies.  Drones, telepresence robots, automated cleaning devices and enter...
11 January 2014, by

Snap 2014: Aerial drones and 3D mapping software for civil engineering surveying

An Irish surveyor tested results (and had those results peer reviewed through the local university) of surveys done by drone and software vs. doing it by hand (which took days longer). The surveyor is...
06 January 2014, by

Amazon Prime Air: 5 Predictions About the Retailer’s Delivery Drones | TIME

Assuming Amazon Prime Air eventually launches … there are a handful of predictions about the system itself and delivery-by-drone systems in general… Read more by Doug Aamoth on
02 December 2013, by

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos looks to the future | 60 Minutes

There has never been a company quite like Amazon. Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again, changing the way the world shops, reads and computes. Amazon has 225 ...
02 December 2013, by

Amazon Promises Package Delivery By Drone: Is It for Real? | Automaton

Once you get past the wow factor [of Amazon's drone delivery announcement] and start thinking critically about what it would take to make something like this work in practice, it starts to look a lot...
02 December 2013, by

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Is this the right time for robotic startups?

Last month the Pioneers Festival took place in the Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria. According to its website, the festival is Europe's premium event for entrepreneurship and future technologies. Star...
14 November 2013, by

Down on the farm with drones

Photo credit: Patrick Egan. There are bushels of folks out there now spending money and putting time in finding niches for unmanned systems that already exist. You may be saying, isn’t that what we...
29 October 2013, by

RoboBusiness: Day Two

On a rare overcast day in San Jose, RoboBusiness got down to business with keynotes and the general exhibition in full swing.  The morning held keynote speakers, breakouts in the afternoon, and then ...
26 October 2013, by

Lay of the land: Unmanned systems coming to commercial agriculture

Yamaha is testing spraying vineyards in Napa Valley through a COA with the FAA. Photo courtesy Yamaha Corp. With the global market for unmanned systems in agriculture on the rise, companies that ma...
25 October 2013, by

RoboBusiness: Day one in the heart of Silicon Valley

RoboBusiness started Wednesday, with mostly panels, although Robohub's very own Andra Keay spiced things up quite a bit with a "Pitchfire" event showcasing robotics start-ups.  Two themes were very m...
24 October 2013, by

UBR-1 robot from Unbounded Robotics revolutionizes affordable mobile manipulation | Automaton

Why Affordable Mobile Manipulation Matters Why could UBR-1 be so revolutionary for robotics right now? Really, it's the general area of mobile manipulation that has a huge amount of potential for t...
21 October 2013, by

Unbounded Robotics launch affordable, all-purpose UBR-1

Unbounded Robotics today launched UBR-1, a robot that has many of us very excited. UBR is the first robot with intelligence, manipulation and mobility for below $50k. While UBR definitely resembles a ...
21 October 2013, by

Pioneers kickstarts the start-up scene with a hands-on celebration of innovation

Andreas Tschas (far left) and Juergen Furian (far right) present a cheque to the 2012 Startup Challenge winner Poikos (centre). Photo credit: Heisenberg Media. When founders Andreas Tschas and Juerge...
17 October 2013, by

There are mobile robots and then there’s KUKA’s MOBILE robot

... At the recent Hannover Messe trade fair, KUKA displayed their concept mobile robot showing how it could work a huge turbine blade. ... The device consisted of a KUKA omnimove mobile platform, a K...
26 September 2013, by

Dash launching Dragon hardware crowdfunding platform

Dash is the first product to launch today on Dragon Innovation‘s new hardware crowdfunding site. Dragon Innovation was founded in 2009 by Scott Miller and Herman Pang, ex iRobot and Hasbro. Dragon a...
08 August 2013, by

After a lackluster 2nd quarter, Hansen Medical gets a $93 million equity infusion

Although the number of procedures using Hansen Medical's Magellan and Sensei robotic systems has risen, the number of units sold has fallen slightly and the company continues to operate in the red, he...
31 July 2013, by

SUSBEXPO: The first unmanned systems business conference

SUSBEXPO is the first conference about unmanned systems to really focus on the growing commercial opportunities of this market. AUVSI put on a spectacular annual show, but it is predominantly militar...
27 July 2013, by

Intuitive Surgical stock takes another big hit

... After months of negative news about poorly trained surgeons, class action suits claiming misleading communications with shareholders, an FDA review, a product recall, an article saying that proced...
20 July 2013, by

China takes long view in funding robotics, innovation

  With the rapid economic development of the last twenty years resulting in the accumulation of great wealth, China urgently feels the need to move from a manufacturing-driven economy to an innovati...
17 July 2013, by

3,400 healthcare jobs in the US required robotics experience and skills

... More than 3,400 healthcare jobs in the US required robotics experience and skills - a 32% gain year-over-year, according to WANTED Analytics....
16 July 2013, by

Long view required to keep economic policy in step with developments in robotics

Policy is really about long-term thinking — a process we should do but don't do for various reasons. Though China is a notable exception, very few governments make long-term planning a priority. ...
16 July 2013, by

What do policy-makers need to do to keep pace with economic development in robotics?

Economic policy may not jump to mind as a hot topic for roboticists, but it is a fundamental and influential driver behind the failure or success of the robotics community as a whole. After all, econo...
15 July 2013, by

Why fostering high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship matters to the economy, and what universities can do about it

For many people, the term “innovation” implies having a great idea, and hoping that somehow it will take off. According to H. Chesbrough, this is clearly insufficient, and in his definition, he is...
11 July 2013, by and

More space robots as Grishin funds NanoSatisfi

NanoSatisfi, a Silicon Valley based cubesat startup, today received $300,000 investment from Grishin Robotics bringing their total seed funding to $1,750,000, not including their initial successful Ki...
11 July 2013, by

The logic behind bailing out the auto industry

Pres. Obama, speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, June 24, 2011 "Today, I'm calling for all of us to come together- private sector, industry, universities, and the government - to spark a re...
27 February 2012, by

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