DARPA Robotics Challenge trials: What you should (and shouldn’t) expect to see | IEEE Spectrum

The DRC Trials start tomorrow; here's how to calibrate your expectationsSee on
19 December 2013, by

The 400lb CHIMP in the room: CMU’s Tartan Rescue Team prepares for the DRC

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tartan Rescue Team has completed assembly of its 400 pound 5-foot-2 inch tall simian-like robot that will compete in the first annual DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) in H...
17 December 2013, by

The DARPA Robotics Challenge, with Paul Oh

Link to audio file (40:39)In this episode, Sabine Hauert interviews Paul Oh, the Director of the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab at Drexel University. His team, spanning 10 universities, is competing in...
13 December 2013, by

NASA JSC unveils ‘Valkyrie’ DRC robot | IEEE Spectrum

NASA's DARPA Robotics Challenge entry is much more than Robonaut with legs: it's a completely new humanoid robot See on
10 December 2013, by

Google buys up robotics companies from DRC

If you've recently wondered where all the roboticists were going, the answer is to an unassuming complex in Palo Alto. Google has backed Android developer Andy Rubin to acquire at least 7 major roboti...
04 December 2013, by

Beginner’s guide to the humanoid robot challenge (DRC)

The first real world trial in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) will be held on December 20-21 2013 at Homestead Freeway in Florida. Yes, it's open to the public. Anyone can come along and watch huma...
03 December 2013, by

Boston Dynamics announces new WildCat quadruped robot | Automaton

Boston Dynamics has just updated its YouTube channel with some new videos. One of them is an update on Atlas. Another is an update on LS3. And the third is this: WildCat, a totally new quadruped rob...
07 October 2013, by

Japanese Robots: Unboxing SCHAFT’s DRC Competition (VIDEO)

Ohhh boy, an unboxing video that’s not just filler, but 500% justifiable. The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) trials are still 3.5 months away, but Japan’s SCHAFT, and every other Track A t...
28 August 2013, by

Guiding technology through uncertain valleys: SRI’s Rich Mahoney on risks, rewards, and the future of robotics

  As part of our series on ‘High-Risk / High-Reward’ robotics, I interviewed SRI International's Director of Robotics, Rich Mahoney, who's role there is to help identify important emerging robot...
18 July 2013, by and

DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge results

The first competition of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) was a software simulation of humanoid rescue work. The 6 best teams were to be allocated ATLAS robots for the next stage of the challenge, b...
27 June 2013, by

DARPA’s Virtual Robotics Challenge: OSRF gets simulator ready | IEEE Spectrum

For the last month, teams from around the world have been submitting entries to the Virtual Robotics Challenge qualification event, in order to earn a place in the VRC itself, and the latest results a...
06 June 2013, by

RHex update: Jumping, swimming, climbing robot will blow you away | Mashable

The little guy has six legs, a compact body and can really get around. It can handle all kinds of terrain, as well as inclines of up to 60%, while its battery life lasts up to six hours. Read more: M...
13 May 2013, by

DARPA shows off cheap, adaptable, resilient robot hand | ExtremeTech

After more than three years of development, it seems DARPA’s ARM program is finally coming to fruition. The ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) program was created in 2010 with the purpose of crea...
01 May 2013, by

Robotics year in review: Top 10 stories of 2012

The past year was a watershed moment for robotics. From defense to exploration, startups to legislation, we saw products, laws, and investments that have shifted robotics out of the lab and into our l...
26 December 2012, by

Milli-moteins and wobble motors |

Steve Rainwater of has provided a more accessible, but still detailed account of the DARPA-sponsored work on programmable matter at MIT, with particular focus on the electropermanent wobble...
05 December 2012, by

The robotic equivalent of a Swiss army knife | MIT News Office

“The little device is called a milli-motein — a name melding its millimeter-sized components and a motorized design inspired by proteins, which naturally fold themselves into incredibly co...
03 December 2012, by

Losing Humanity: The case against killer robots

Released yesterday by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, the report Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots (herein: the report) and associated press release and video (below), w...
20 November 2012, by

Robot competitions, challenges and awards

Robotdalen is accepting submissions for their International Innovation Award 2013, aimed at innovators with commercially viable robotics solutions. The Innovation Award replaced the previous Robotdale...
06 November 2012, by

DARPA Robotics Challenge: the competition begins | IEEE Spectrum

Today, October 24, is opening day for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, or DRC. The press release sums it up nicely: "over the next two years, teams will compete to develop and put to the test hardware an...
25 October 2012, by

DARPA Robotics Challenge update | IEEE Spectrum

Dr. Gill Pratt gave a keynote address at IROS and talked about the DARPA Robotics Challenge, including a new video of the Boston Dynamics ATLAS... See on spectrum.iee...
16 October 2012, by

SoftWear Automation awarded $1.25 million DARPA contract

SoftWear Automation, the latest in a string of ventures founded by Steve Dickerson - a retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Emeritus at Georgia Institute of Technology - and nurtu...
29 June 2012, by

MIT’s Cheetah acquires new gates In early March, Boston Dynamics posted a video (shown below) showing the Cheetah robot they are developing for DARPA running at 18 miles per hour (a new record for a robot...
31 May 2012, by

Catching up with robots The above video, by Erico Guizzo and Evan Ackerman of IEEE Spectrum, and shows Patrick Rowe, of RE2 (RE-squared), the firm hired by DARPA to build the standard platform fo...
28 May 2012, by

Open source robotics foundation announced

Announced via the Willow Garage website, the Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc. (OSRF) is an independent non-profit organization founded by members of the global robotics community. Its mission is ...
17 May 2012, by

Largest robotics program in DARPA’s history

... DARPA has created it’s largest robotics program to date: the DARPA Robotics $2 Million Challenge (DRC), to help the world’s resiliency to disasters through the use of robotics. ... Som...
09 May 2012, by

DARPA-led consortium casts a wide net

A consortium of U.S. government agencies, lead by DARPA, has jointly issued a solicitation for small business proposals: Joint-Agency SBIR Funding Opportunity Announcement.   The participating ...
31 October 2010, by

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