Robots at #ERW2015: From imagination to market

[clear] Bridging the gap between cutting-edge research in academia and the vibrant robotics startup ecosystem is no easy task. This Wednesday in the UK city of Bristol, a free public event titled ...
27 November 2015, by

Dyson robotic vacuums go on sale in Japan

After a six-month delay to hone the robot for Japanese homes, and a year after the original launch announcement, the Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner has finally gone on sale in stores all over Ja...
24 October 2015, by

Dyson releases 360 Eye in Japan for ~$1200, files legal proceedings against Bosch for VW-like cheating

News Brief: Dyson released its 360-Eye in Japan today -- for about $1200 USD -- and has also filed legal proceedings against Bosch, alleging that their longstanding rival is cheating EU energy eff...
22 October 2015, by

Residential robotic vacuum cleaner market poised for stellar growth

Although robotic vacuum cleaners have been on the market for over a decade now, it is only recently that they have started to become pervasive. Innovations in technology have allowed manufacturers to ...
28 May 2015, by

Rethinking iRobot, Samsung and Dyson robotic vacuum cleaners

At a break in a conference in San Diego, I was sitting enjoying my tea, when up walked Rodney Brooks (of Rethink Robotics and Baxter fame) and said (with a mischievious smile): I have a bone to pick ...
29 October 2014, by

Why is Japan the first to get Dyson’s new 360 Eye?

This post originally appeared on Akihabara News.  The Dyson 360 Eye autonomous vacuum cleaner went public in Tokyo on September 4th, and it got a lot of attention - enough to make almost any prod...
10 September 2014, by

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Recent robotic vacuum launches change industry from niche to mainstream

Recent robotic vacuum cleaner product launches by Dyson and Samsung have transformed what once was a niche market of early adopters and robot enthusiasts into a marketplace of serious consumer produc...
10 September 2014, by

Housework 2.0: The battle of the robot vacuum cleaners begins!

The public may be expecting to see robot cyborgs battle it out in distant galaxies, but back here on earth the battle of the robots is taking on a distinctively quotidian reality. The double announcem...
05 September 2014, by

Dyson launches new robotic vacuum cleaner

James Dyson announced his new 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner, which goes on sale in Japan later this year for $1,250. It will then be available in the UK, Europe, China and Australia later in 2015....
04 September 2014, by

Has Dyson’s robotic dream become a reality?

[tweetquote]Has Dyson finally cracked its 16-year mission to create a robot vacuum cleaner?[/tweetquote] The company’s  teaser video hints at a new release which looks a lot like a rival for the be...
01 September 2014, by

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