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Ringo: An Arduino-powered robot bug for kids

Ringo is a friendly pet robot bug based on the Arduino UNO that was inspired and co-designed by my 1st grade daughter Hailey and my 3rd grade son Parker, who are both already writing C code. We star...
13 March 2015, by

Kidbotics review: Thymio II

This is Kidbotics, [tweetquote]a new educational robotics review series for kids who, like me, are just coming into the robotics scene.[/tweetquote] I am 12 years old, and these reviews are meant to g...
05 December 2014, by

New educational robot helps kids learn coding through music

Meet Wigl! Wigl is an interactive educational robot with a musical ear. We’ve launched our Indiegogo campaign for Wigl, the first musical robot buddy for kids. Wigl is controlled by musical notes th...
04 November 2014, by

ScratchDuino DIY magnetic robotics kit on Kickstarter

ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robots construction kit based on Arduino. Magnetic mounted parts make the ScratchDuino easy to assemble, and can be programmed...
02 October 2014, by

TiddlyBot gives Raspberry Pi robot powers

The TiddlyBot, which just launched on Kickstarter, has been developed to help young people have fun and learn about robotics and programming. After running a Code Club and workshops using Raspberry P...
04 July 2014, by

Arduino-powered balancing robot for education, hacking and fun

Lil’Bot is an Arduino Uno compatible balancing robot designed as a low-cost teaching vehicle and experimentation platform. Just like an Arduino board, it takes various shields for added functionalit...
23 May 2014, by




Educational robotics, with Francesco Mondada, Stéphane Magnenat and Fanny Riedo

Link to audio file (35:16)In today’s show, we look at the playful field of educational robotics. We start by talking to Dr. Francesco Mondada, the leader of the MOBOTS group at EPFL, about his g...
23 September 2011, by

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