EU Robotics Week

RoCKIn2014, live stream and live scores

The RoCKIn2014 competition event is taking place right now, you can watch the live stream, broadcasting directly from Cité de l'espace science museum and you can also view the live scores from RoCKIn...
28 November 2014, by

EU Robotics Week is on!

The fourth annual EU Robotics Week is on across Europe, with more than 300 activities happening this week in 25 EU countries. Industry, research institutes and universities all over Europe will be...
25 November 2014, by

EU Robotics Week, with Fiorella Operto, Douwe Dresscher and Roko Tschakarow

Link to audio file (41:00)The European Robotics Week 2013 featured 334 robotics related events in 24 countries and attracted more than 55’000 participants spanning all ages. To give us a snapsho...
22 March 2014, by

EU Robotics Week, with Thilo Brodtmann, Asim Ikram and Barbara Klein

Link to audio file (29:02) In today’s episode we cover the EU Robotics Week that took place during the last week of November and featured robotics related activities across Europe for the general p...
08 February 2013, by

European Robotics Week 2012

The 2nd European Robotics Week will be from 26 November to 2 December 2012 and offers one week of various robotics related activities across Europe for the general public, highlighting growing impor...
10 November 2012, by

Robotics labs and companies open up for EU Robotics Week

... Today is the start of the first European Robotics Week: from 28th of November to 4th of December 2011. Check events calendar for an event near you. ... In a novel approach to show their labs effor...
28 November 2011, by

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