Cybathlon: A bionics competition for people with disabilities

Millions of people worldwide rely on orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs and other assistive devices to improve their quality of life. In the United States alone, there are more than 1.6 million peopl...
06 September 2016, by

Bioinspired robotics #3: Wearables, with Conor Walsh

In the Disruptive Podcast series, Terrence McNally speaks directly with Wyss Institute researchers, exploring what motivates them and how they envision our future as might be impacted by their disrup...
01 December 2015, by

Recent robotics-related IPOs

Since late November, 2013 there have been three robotic companies that have gone public on U.S. and global stock exchanges: Medtech, Ekso Bionics and Cyberdyne....
26 April 2014, by

Robots, soldiers and cyborgs: The future of warfare

Boston Dynamics' BigDog. When we imagine the future of warfare, we often envision a battlefield where humanoid robots and other machines fight alongside or in the place of human soldiers. From the dr...
05 February 2014, by and

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