ICRA 2016

Robot makers: The future of digital rapid design and fabrication of robots

Though recent advances in design, fabrication, and programming technologies promise to enable rapid digital manufacturing of functional robotic systems, many challenges need to be addressed to realize...

#ICRA16 duckies and robots video: Daily life activities

The robotics community have created a series of video tributes that showcase some of the contributions to ICRA, the largest conference in the field of robotics and automation. Episode two features ro...
10 May 2016, by

#ICRA16 duckies and robots: a poetic tribute

ICRA is the largest conference on Robotics and Automation. This year, the robotics community reflected on the strong and natural relationship between robots and rubber duckies. This is the result: ...
04 May 2016, by



The Airbus Shopfloor Challenge, with Curtis Carson

Transcript belowIn this episode, Andrew Vaziri speaks with Curtis Carson, Head of Research and Technology in Industrial Strategy and Systems at Airbus. They speak about the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge ...
06 February 2016, by

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