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42 companies empowering robots and humans to work side-by-side

There is growing demand for more flexibility in factories and shops. Collaborative robotics, a sub-set of service robotics in labs, manufacturing and material handling, is where the action is today...
31 March 2017, by

IoT may be 2016’s hot new trend, but in industrial robotics it’s been around for a decade

As everyone starts to look for "the big technology trends of 2016", it seems that one technology is overshadowing all others - the Internet of Things. We take a look at why robotics is actually ahead ...
06 January 2016, by and

Father of robotics Joseph F. Engelberger dies at age 90

Robotics Industry Association | Joseph F. Engelberger, an engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the robotics field, died peacefully at his home this morning, December 1, 2015, in Newtown, Connecticu...
01 December 2015, by

Swiss-based ABB to manufacture robots in US

Robot manufacturing started in the US in 1961 when 26 Unimates - the first industrial robots - were made and deployed at a GM factory in Ewing, NJ. But, over the years, manufacturing and manufacturers...
24 May 2015, by

ROS Industrial celebrates one-year anniversary

ROS-I is developing and promoting a manufacturer-independent open-source library of drivers and the transfer of established components from research to industry - not just h/w interfaces and MS, IOS a...
13 May 2013, by

Two overhead, rail-mounted robots tend four others | FANUC Robotics

I sometimes feel as though FANUC gets short shrift because their videos are pragmatic rather than flashy.  This one is of particular interest to me because it demonstrates a rail-mounting system ...
08 December 2012, by

SCHUNK on FANUC demo cell at IMTS2012

FANUC demo cell at IMTS 2012, posted by industrial robotics competitor SCHUNK GmbH to their YouTube channel. See on
16 October 2012, by

The logic behind bailing out the auto industry

Pres. Obama, speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, June 24, 2011 "Today, I'm calling for all of us to come together- private sector, industry, universities, and the government - to spark a re...
27 February 2012, by

The logic behind bailing out the auto industry

By Frank Tobe, editor/publisher, The Robot ReportPres. Obama, speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, June 24, 2011"Today, I'm calling for all of us to come together- private sector, industry, univers...
27 February 2012, by

Divergent views on communicating with machines

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft and Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman, Mercedes Benz Much of what I saw at CES 2012 was about products being upgraded to “smart” under the premise that smart connec...
21 January 2012, by

Robotics is a highly fragmented industry with few common standards or platforms

Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry. It is an industry based on groundbreaking new technologies, wherein a handful of well-established corporations sell highly specialized devices for...
06 December 2011, by

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