July fundings, acquisitions and failures

Despite all the high-profile billion-dollar acquisitions, eg: ARM by SoftBank, KUKA by Midea and Uber China by Didi Chuxing, M&A are down 19% this year, according to both Forbes and CB Insights. B...
03 August 2016, by

Midea now owns 85.69% of KUKA’s shares

Since the announcement of the month-long tender offer by Midea to buy 49% of the shares of German robot maker KUKA AG - and private negotiations - Midea now has 85.69% of the shares....
21 July 2016, by

Big data, the cloud — FANUC and Kuka?

FANUC, the world’s largest maker of industrial robots, plans to start connecting 400,000 of their installed systems by the end of this year. The goal is to collect data about their operations and...
07 June 2016, by

Chinese Midea makes $2.5 billion bid for up to 49% of KUKA

In China’s relentless state-stimulated quest to grow their robotics industry, Midea Group, a Chinese appliance manufacturer which already owns 13.5% of KUKA’s shares, has offered to buy up to 49...
19 May 2016, by

Smart Digital Factory Lab showcasing Industry 4.0

We often see robotic or automated cells purposed to do a single motion or a very specific application. However, with all the new technology available in the market, it is interesting to see how each s...

IoT may be 2016’s hot new trend, but in industrial robotics it’s been around for a decade

As everyone starts to look for "the big technology trends of 2016", it seems that one technology is overshadowing all others - the Internet of Things. We take a look at why robotics is actually ahead ...
06 January 2016, by and

Tracing human evolution with robots

By Samuel Schlaefli With the help of robots, archaeologists may soon be able to compare their findings with data from thousands of experimental reference samples, enabling them to determine tool us...
16 April 2015, by

25% of KUKA shares trade hands

 Voith GmbH, among the biggest family-owned businesses in Europe, acquired 25% of robot maker Kuka AG by buying the shares held by Grenzebach GmbH. The transaction was valued at €555 million ...
08 December 2014, by

KUKA acquires Swisslog for $357 million

Late last month KUKA made a public offer to Swisslog shareholders to purchase their shares at 8.9% above the market price. Swisslog’s Board of Directors have recommended that the offer be accepted....
20 October 2014, by

There’s no business like show business

Robotic Arts, a Las Vegas designer and integrator of robots used in novel ways for entertainment purposes, and Royal Caribbean International, are working together to provide a unique hi-tech robotic e...
26 May 2014, by

Chess, Jeopardy and now… Ping Pong? Kuka robot goes up against table tennis champion Timo Boll

Timo Boll & Agilus robot Photo credit: KUKA [UPDATE] - KUKA just published the well-advertised video of the table tennis match of top athlete Timo Boll and one of its fastest robots, the KUKA KR ...
11 March 2014, by and


German KUKA youBot Store has announced a new initiative to promote education in mobile manipulation. Research groups and labs in universities and public research facilities are invited to organize an ...
27 February 2013, by

Old and new at Automate 2013

Industrial Robots; Robot Arms; Cameras, Scanners and Vision Systems; Collaborative Cage-free Robots; Mobile Robots; Robot Operating Systems; Warehousing and Materials Handling; New Technologies, and J...
29 January 2013, by

Record order for KUKA Robotics

Europe’s largest robot and equipment manufacturer German KUKA Roboter has won two record orders from German carmakers in November 2012. The first order of 6,000 industrial robots came  from Volk...
25 January 2013, by

Innovative cooperation between workers and robots at Mercedes-Benz

German automotive company Daimler has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with German KUKA AG, a leading systems integrator and robotics manufacturing company. The partnership focuses on huma...
25 January 2013, by

Filling a need… or feeding a diversion

  Today's robotics industry could use some strategic guidance, particularly in the area of healthcare.   It is clear to me that the next big markets for robotics are: SMEs (robot...
02 January 2013, by

Dancing with robots

Robots parodying the latest video hits are cute but some choreographers, artists and human-robot interaction specialists have pushed the boundary of how humans and robots move in fascinating ways. Tho...
06 December 2012, by

The rise of the robots | chinadaily

Rising labor costs, innovation drive prompt companies to use more machines in manufacturing. As seen from a chinese perspective See on
05 October 2012, by

Robots bring jobs back to the US | Kuka Robotics

See on
19 September 2012, by

Companies transitioning from industrial to service robots

A version of this post originally appeared on Singularity Hub, June 6, 2012.By Frank Tobe, Editor and PublisherThe Robot ReportRobot manufacturers are beginning to shift theirattention from industrial...
07 June 2012, by

Robotics is a highly fragmented industry with few common standards or platforms

Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry. It is an industry based on groundbreaking new technologies, wherein a handful of well-established corporations sell highly specialized devices for...
06 December 2011, by

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