LIDAR vs RADAR: A detailed comparison

I was recently asked about the differences between RADAR and LIDAR. I gave the generic answer about LIDAR having higher resolution and accuracy than RADAR. And RADAR having a longer range and performi...
09 May 2017, by

SICK LMS full LIDAR teardown

I recently found a SICK LMS291 in the trash (dumpster diving time!). It is a bit of an older model---manufactured in August 2000---however the fundamentals should be similiar to the current generation...
28 April 2017, by

Luminar unstealths their 1.5 micron LIDAR

Luminar, a bay area startup, has revealed details on their new LIDAR. Unlike all other commercial offerings, this is a LIDAR using 1.5 micron infrared light. They hope to sell it for $1,000....
15 April 2017, by

LIDAR (lasers) and cameras together: Which is more important?

Recently we’ve seen a series of startups arise hoping to make robocars with just computer vision, along with radar. That includes recently unstealthed AutoX, the off-again, on again efforts of comma...
29 March 2017, by

Intel to acquire Mobileye for $15.3 billion

Intel announced plans to acquire Israel-based Mobileye, a developer of vision technology used in autonomous driving applications, for $15.3 billion. Mobileye share prices jumped from $47 to $61 (the t...
14 March 2017, by

Combining automation and mobility to create a smarter world

By: Catherine Marguerite | Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Daniela Rus loves Singapore. As the MIT professor sits down in her Frank Gehry-designed office in Cambridge, Massachus...
20 January 2017, by

Two LiDAR makers each get big funding

In anticipation of the need for LiDAR devices in cars with assisted steering and other self-driving technologies, both Velodyne and Quanergy received funding. Quanergy raised $90 million and Velodyne...
26 August 2016, by

Sweep: a low cost LiDAR sensor for smart consumer products

UPDATE: Only 7 days left to back Sweep! They are now almost 80% funded....
04 April 2016, by

No, a Google car was not ticketed for going too slow (and other robocar stories)

Almost every newspaper in the world reported the story of how a motorcycle cop pulled over one of Google’s 3rd generation test cars, the 2-seaters, and many incorrectly reported that the car was gi...
23 November 2015, by

Tricking LIDAR and robocars

Security researcher Jonathan Petit claims to be able to hack the multi-thousand-dollar laser ranging - LIDAR - systems that self-driving cars rely on. How does he do it and is it as dangerous as it so...
14 September 2015, by

Robots 101: Lasers

By Ilia Baranov In this new Robots 101 series, we will be taking a look at how robots work, what makes designing them challenging, and how engineers at Clearpath Robotics tackle these problems. To ...
29 April 2015, by

UMich team works on perception and localization using cameras

Some new results from the NGV Team at the University of Michigan describe different approaches for perception (detecting obstacles on the road) and localizations (figuring out precisely where you are)...
27 January 2015, by

Video interviews from Robot Block Party 2013

On April 10th, Robot Block Party 2013 took place right after We Robot conference. Of course, I had an extra day to spend at Stanford University after the conference and couldn't miss out on the eve...
24 April 2013, by

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