Enter the abyss with OpenROV, the $899 open source kit

The OpenROV submersible is a low cost and open source kit designed for exploration and education. Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2012 it has now grown into a dedicated global community launch...
26 December 2014, by

The OpenROV project, with Eric Stackpole and David Lang

Link to audio file (34:33)In the episode, we speak with Eric Stackpole and David Lang from the OpenROV project about their challenge in developing Eric’s idea to find an easy way to explore a c...
14 June 2013, by

Swimming robots

Why should flying robots have all the headlines! This year has been full of robots that swim, so here is a small collection, from swarms to explorers, from nanobots to humanoids. ...
27 November 2012, by

OpenROV overview by David Lang | CNN

From zero to maker, David Lang describes his journey from unemployed to opening a robot factory after a successful kickstarter. See on
10 October 2012, by

Open Hardware Summit and MakerBot   The attached video, posted by Make Magazine, addresses what was apparently a subject of much discussion at the 2012 Open Hardware Summit, this past Thursday, w...
30 September 2012, by

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