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Eight lessons for robotics startups from NRI PI workshop

Research is all about being the first, but commercialization is all about repeatability, not just many times but every single time. This was one of the key takeaways from the Transitioning Research Fr...
14 March 2021, by

CyPhy Works and Righthand Robotics get funded

[tweetquote]The varied world of robotics appears to be in favor with venture capitalists.[/tweetquote] CyPhy Works just got $22 million to scale up building UAVs for the consumer market, and Righthand...
15 October 2015, by

IROS 2014 Webcam: Research pitches from the interactive sessions (Part 2)

More pitches from the interactive sessions at IROS. See also Part 1....
20 September 2014, by

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