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Autonomous Bricklaying by FBR, with Mark Pivac

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley interviews Mark Pivac, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of FBR (formerly Fastbrick Robotics) about the world’s first end-to-end autonomous bricklaying robot, ...
18 September 2019, by

24 research reports that dissect the robotics industry

After reading the press releases for this batch of 24 research reports, although they vary widely in their forecasts, they almost all agree that most segments of the robotics industry are expected to...
05 May 2017, by

iRobot, KUKA and other robotic stocks exceed earnings expectations

iRobot (IRBT on the NASDAQ stock exchange) jumped from $70 to $80 per share on news that iRobot's quarterly earnings were so good that the company raised their forecast for 2017 to new highs. KUKA a...
04 May 2017, by

Individual investors: Take a cue from corporate capital … the time is right for robotics

Megatrends are easiest to recognize in hindsight, which leads many investors to wonder how they missed out on something so big.  How many times have you thought to yourself, “I knew that business o...
19 February 2014, by

In the news: Intuitive Surgical

Mini-tender offer: TRC Capital Corp, a private firm founded by a Canadian securities lawyer, has made a mini-tender offer to purchase 250,000 shares of Intuitive Surgical stock at a price slightly be...
27 January 2014, by

Forget the octocopter, let’s talk about Kiva

Given all the chatter on drones and automation, we thought it would be a good time to dive deeper into the Kiva opportunity and potential impact on leverage/margins. For the sake of our analysis, we t...
10 December 2013, by and

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How I helped create Robo-Stox, a new stock index for the robotics community

Photo: Nasdaq On Tuesday, a sleek robotic arm rang the closing bell of the Nasdaq stock exchange. It was the first time a robot performed the task. The event celebrated the launch of Robo-Stox, a...
18 November 2013, by

New ETF (NASDAQ:ROBO) focuses on robotics industry

... UPDATE 11/12/13: NASDAQ’s 10-story tall sign was all about Robo-stox LLC, ROBO the ETF, and a Universal Robot with a Schunk hand ringing the NASDAQ closing bell. Quite a spectacle. The arm/hand ...
13 November 2013, by

Robo-Stox: A dream come true

Throughout my 35-year career in the computer business, I always read and thought about what disruptive technology was ahead. When I had an IBM mainframe, I was looking at the DEC mini-computers and ev...
23 October 2013, by

Soon Internet crowdfunding sites will let investors buy stock

... Last year Congress passed Title III of the JOBS Act to allow smaller companies to get an exemption from the strict and costly rules controlling the sale of securities to individuals. ... The SEC ...
23 October 2013, by

After a lackluster 2nd quarter, Hansen Medical gets a $93 million equity infusion

Although the number of procedures using Hansen Medical's Magellan and Sensei robotic systems has risen, the number of units sold has fallen slightly and the company continues to operate in the red, he...
31 July 2013, by

iRobot Q3 profits were good but revenue was static

... Stock drops 13% on news that 3Q and next quarter revenues were and will be static. ... Everything else was fine. ... Go figure!...
25 July 2013, by

Intuitive Surgical stock sinks

... After months of negative news about poorly trained surgeons, class action suits claiming poor communications with shareholders, an FDA review, an article saying that procedure costs were too high,...
10 July 2013, by

iRobot stock jumps 15% on Q1 earnings and 2013 projections

iRobot’s stock (ISRG:NASDAQ) jumped 15% today on yesterday’s earnings report which exceeded analysts’ expectations for both the quarterly earnings and the annual projections....
24 April 2013, by

Management shakeup at Adept Technology

... Rob Cain replaces John Dulchinos as CEO of Adept Technology. Cain has worked with Adept for the past few months as an advisor and representative of Hale Capital Partners and crafted a restructurin...
25 February 2013, by

ExOne IPO Successful: Shareholders Contribute Random Passers-by

Before I start bashing bankers, I’d like to congratulate the ExOne Company on a successful initial public offering (IPO).  I haven’t seen much about ExOne [NASDAQ:XONE] on the robotics sites, b...
21 February 2013, by

What’s happening to the big industrial robot stocks?

... Compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is back to where it started the year, the big four robot manufacturers are down 20% year to date. Yet 2011 robot sales were great (see story bel...
02 June 2012, by

Mako Surgical’s stock takes a big hit

... Stock drops from $41 to $21. Many reasons given: slow sales of RIO systems; utilization rates of existing systems are down; class action suits; and investor restlessness. ... The problem of utili...
14 May 2012, by

List of publicly-traded robotics stocks

... Robotics is becoming a big deal and people want to invest in the industry. But choosing robotics stocks is complicated. Many of the companies are international, some are small subsidiaries within ...
02 May 2012, by

Divergent views on communicating with machines

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft and Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman, Mercedes Benz Much of what I saw at CES 2012 was about products being upgraded to “smart” under the premise that smart connec...
21 January 2012, by

20 US stocks involved in the robotics industry

... Is it time to invest? Check this list of 20 US stocks involved in the robotics industry. ... Read Q&A on the subject by CNET’s Tim Hornyak. ... List also includes stock symbols and nine ...
30 July 2011, by

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