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Podcasts are the new blogs

Most of us are familiar with the podcasts about robotics from the Robots Podcast group. For different perspectives, from the funder's point of view, here's a list of podcasts from the VC's that fund r...
28 April 2017, by

#IROS2016 in pictures

The 2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) took place in October, in Daejeon, Korea. IROS is an annual robotics conference that seeks to "explore the fronti...
15 January 2017, by and

Getting Started in Robotics, with Erin Kennedy

Link to audio file (22:28) In this episode, Sabine Hauert talks with Erin Kennedy at the Open Hardware Summit at MIT. Kennedy is famously know as RobotGrrl, the self-made roboticist and proud maker o...
04 October 2013, by

Turning robots into products, with Erin Rapacki

For up to date information about the business of robotics you can’t go past the Robots Podcast from EPFL Switzerland. Every 2 weeks, Robots will take you for a ride through the world’s research la...
17 January 2012, by

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