Rodney Brooks

Rodney Brooks on the future of robotics and AI

If you follow the robotics community on the twittersphere, you'll have noticed that Rodney Brooks is publishing a series of essays on the future of robotics and AI which has been gathering wide attent...
29 August 2018, by



200th Episode Special, with Rodney Brooks

Transcript below.  In this episode, we celebrate our 200th episode! That’s over 6000 minutes of robot goodness and nearly 8 years releasing interviews with your favorite roboticists. The podcast...
22 January 2016, by

Livestream: Rodney Brooks, Abhinav Gupta, Andrew McAfee on AI and the rise of robots

Livestream of the Council of Foreign Relations' Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Annual Lecture on Science and Technology starting 02/27/2015 at 12:45 EST....
27 February 2015, by

Rethink Robotics gets $26.6 million Christmas gift

UPDATED Jan 8: In an unannounced funding discovered by Boston Globe reporter Scott Kirsner, [tweetquote]Rethink Robotics sold equity and received $26.6 million a few days before Christmas[/tweetquote]...
08 January 2015, by

Over 70,000 robotic vacuum cleaners sold on a single day

Just last month Rod Brooks chided me that robotic vacuum cleaners were already mainstream in response to what I had written: that they had just recently moved from niche to mainstream partly because ...
20 November 2014, by

Rethinking iRobot, Samsung and Dyson robotic vacuum cleaners

At a break in a conference in San Diego, I was sitting enjoying my tea, when up walked Rodney Brooks (of Rethink Robotics and Baxter fame) and said (with a mischievious smile): I have a bone to pick ...
29 October 2014, by

Rethink Robotics is downsizing

Although Rethink Robotics is downsizing, their action is not indicative of the robotics industry, which is booming and hiring. The Boston Globe reported that Rethink Robotics, maker of the $22,000 ...
14 December 2013, by

Startup Series #5: Rodney Brooks, Steve Cousins & Pioneers Festival

Robolution panel at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. It’s not every day you get to ask pioneering robot startup founders about their journey. The Robolution panel at the Pioneers Festival in Vien...
10 December 2013, by

Low-cost robots like Baxter, UR5 and UR10 successfully entering small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Much has been said about the need to augment the skills and increase the productivity of small factory workers by using robotic assistants called co-robots. Europe funded an SME (Small and Medium-size...
14 May 2013, by

Robots and the economy: Red herrings, or canaries in a coal mine?

Recent economic trends are perplexing. Corporate profits are up. Productivity is up. Jobs and pay for the average worker have crashed, and are recovering slower than in any other decade on record. ...
13 April 2013, by

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 1): Interview with Rodney Brooks

This is the first in a four-part interview series about collaboration between academia and industry, conducted by a group of scientists from the ECHORD project at Technische Universität München. W...
05 April 2013, by

Updated Robotics Roadmap presented to US congress

Henrik Christensen, the KUKA Chair of Robotics at GA Tech and Chairman of the Roadmap project, Rodney Brooks, CEO of Rethink Robotics, Pete Wurman, CTO of Kiva Systems, and Russ Angold, CTO of Ekso Bi...
22 March 2013, by

CBS News 60 Minutes provides new definition of robots

CBS News Reporter Steve Kroft interviews Rodney Brooks at ReThink Robotics. Click on the image to see the segment. On Sunday, January 13, CBS News 60 Minutes reported on robots. Their focal po...
14 January 2013, by

Rodney Brooks speaking at the CMU Robotics Institute   Speaking at CMU Robotics Institute as part of their RI Seminar Series, Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Rethink Robotics (originally Heartland Robo...
15 October 2012, by

Rethink Robotics, with Rodney Brooks

Link to audio file (34:39) Link to transcript In today’s episode we speak with Rodney Brooks at the offices of Rethink Robotics about their first product Baxter, his ambition to revolutionize manu...
05 October 2012, by

Rethink Robotics launches Baxter the Robot

Yesterday was the launch of Rethink Robotics' Baxter shop assistant robot. Many reporters, including myself, saw Baxter at Rethink's headquarters in Boston in the past two months but were embargoed...
19 September 2012, by

A Robot with a delicate touch

Researchers are developing less threatening machines that can mingle safely with humans. One, called Baxter, will be on sale in October. See on
18 September 2012, by

Rethink Robotics: Baxter

Astute. Aware. Affordable. Not words commonly associated with robots. But Baxter, our flagship product, changes all that. See on
18 September 2012, by

Why robot startups now? Part 2

2. Broader Financial Climate A positive indicator for robotics startups is the improving financial climate. There are signs that the US housing market is stabilizing. Fannie Mae, the government bac...
11 May 2012, by

Robots are good but roboticists are better!

MEGA Startup Weekend proved that you can mix startups and robots together and build new robot businesses. Now we need to work out how to repeat the success. It’s clear now that having real robot pla...
20 April 2012, by

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