Worm-inspired material strengthens, changes shape in response to its environment

A new material that naturally adapts to changing environments was inspired by the strength, stability, and mechanical performance of the jaw of a marine worm. The protein material, which was designed ...
21 March 2017, by

Curved Artificial Compound Eye, with Ramon Pericet Camara and Michal Dobrzynski

Link to audio file (22:01)In this episode, we speak with Ramon Pericet and Michal Dobrzynski from EPFL about their Curved Artificial Compound Eye (CurvACE) published in the Proceedings of the National...
31 May 2013, by

More specifically, how would they work?

This a subject for research and development, of course, but it's my ‘job’ to make this vision as accessible as I can, to both anticipate what that R&D might produce and describe it in plain langua...
22 November 2008, by

Why use robots, round 4

Machines can work continuously, 24/7. Doing so would require power enough to last through the night and either artificial lighting or night vision, and some operations are probably best left for dayli...
17 September 2007, by

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