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Care-O-bot 4 celebrates its premiere as a shopping assistant

In January 2015, Fraunhofer IPA presented a prototype of the “Care-O-bot 4” service robot. The charming helper is now proving its worth in the real world. “Paul” the robot has been greeting cu...
14 November 2016, by

Just launched: Fellow Robots’s OSHbot

Fellow Robots, in partnership with Lowes Hardware, today launched the OSHbot as a customer assistant robot at the Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose. Although the robot can only give informatio...
28 October 2014, by

Korean Yujin Robot launches meal transport robot

Korean-based Yujin Robot continues to release thoughtful new products. They just announced a meal-transport robot designed to operate in eldercare and other hospitality and health care facilities....
01 September 2014, by

The award-winning Smart Trash Can moves autonomously to catch your trash

This Smart Trash Can, developed by Minoru Kurata, an engineer at a Japanese auto maker, won an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. "When you toss trash at it, a sensor detects the posi...
15 February 2013, by

Panasonic develops a prototype dry head spa robot

Panasonic has developed a prototype dry head spa robot, which in the future could be attached to a desk or bath. It uses robot hand technology previously developed for use in their hair washing robot....
24 October 2012, by

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