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From flying shuttles to rolling robots, automated supply chains are almost here

From Amazon’s delivery drones to self-driving cars, autonomous factory equipment to Elon Musk’s 760 mph vacuum tubes – automated vehicles are on the rise. Even beyond the grounds of pri...
02 September 2016, by

Coming very soon: robotic toys, robot-made hamburgers, mobile robot deliveries

Re-joining the ranks, Sony announced a return to robotics. Momentum is opening a robot hamburger shop. And Starship is beginning to deliver food to three cities in Europe....
12 July 2016, by

Going the last mile with robots

This article was first published on the IEC e‑tech website. From robots delivering small packages in cities, to driverless trucks transporting bulk loads over long distances, advances in robotic ...
14 June 2016, by

Delivery robots from Starship Technologies

I’m pleased to announce today [Monday] the unveiling of a new self-driving vehicle company with which I am involved, not building self-driving cars, but instead small delivery robots which are going...
04 November 2015, by

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