Teaching the teachers: Study focuses on how teachers perceive educational robots in classrooms

Despite phenomenal advances in the field of robotics in recent years and specifically the field of robots for use in the classroom, there is still a large shortfall in the number of teachers who activ...
13 July 2016, by

Thymio goes wireless!

Thymio is a playful robot designed to help children discover programming, motors, light and motion sensors, and ultimately, logical and inventive thinking - right out of the box. Earlier versions...
04 June 2015, by

Taking your first steps in robotics with the Thymio II

Perhaps you were inspired by Sharon Marzouk and her experiences using the Thymio II in the classroom to motivate independent learning and discovery, or perhaps you saw the Thymio II on our Holiday Gif...
25 December 2013, by

Classroom robotics: Motivating independent learning and discovery

Sharon Marzouk with a class of excited youngsters and their Thymio-based creations. Sharon has found classroom robotics is an excellent motivator for independent learning and discovery: “The way I ...
03 October 2013, by

Thymio II toolset complete Thymio II was introduced at the 2011 EPFL Robotic Festival. Now, with the introduction of Aseba, the creative toolset associated with it is complete. Aseba allows even yo...
11 September 2012, by

Robotics festival, with Francesco Mondada

Link to audio file (35:00)Link to transcriptIn today’s episode we speak with Francesco Mondada, organizer of the Robotics Festival at EPFL that gathers over 15’000 visitors for hands-on wo...
24 August 2012, by




Educational robotics, with Francesco Mondada, Stéphane Magnenat and Fanny Riedo

Link to audio file (35:16)In today’s show, we look at the playful field of educational robotics. We start by talking to Dr. Francesco Mondada, the leader of the MOBOTS group at EPFL, about his g...
23 September 2011, by

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