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by   -   July 18, 2014

Today organizers announced that the first edition of the Flying Donkey Challenge in Kenya, which had preliminary sub-challenges slated to begin this November, is on hold indefinitely due to delays in obtaining final approvals from Kenyan authorities.

by   -   July 16, 2014


Cynthia Breazeal’s Jibo launched today and coming on the heels of Pepper, Aldebaran and Softbank’s new social robot, and Jimmy from Intel. It seems like we’re seeing a second wave of social robots. Jibo is less of a humanoid than the others though and more of a human mirror, being able to be a telepresence device or a social robot. Jibo will be an open platform and is currently taking preorders via Indiegogo, with an expected shipping date of Sept 2015 for the developer edition.

by   -   July 15, 2014


The 10th annual Robotics Science and Systems conference (RSS14) is on at the University of California, Berkeley, July 12 to 16, and we are picking up where we left off yesterday on our coverage of the ‘Academia, Startups and Industry’ workshop.

by   -   July 14, 2014


The 10th annual Robotics Science and Systems conference is on at the University of California, Berkeley, July 12 to 16. From a small start, the conference now has over 800 attendees, with 28 different weekend workshops this year, and a single track 3 day conference. As well as the latest robotics science, RSS 2014 showcased social, ethical and economic issues in robotics, and highlighted robotics startup stories in some very well attended sessions.

by   -   July 14, 2014
Since Congress gave the FAA power to grant innovators “expedited operational authorization", Amazon is asking to be exempted from the lengthy and complex FAA approval process, citing innovation as a driving factor.

by   -   July 14, 2014


First came Ekso Bionics with an alternative public offering that netted $30.3 million; then Cyberdyne let its stock be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange; and last week the WSJ reported that ReWalk Robotics had filed an IPO and planned to raise $57.5 million.

It was only last month that Kickstarter officially announced it would add journalism as a formal crowdfunding category, but an enterprising journalist last week decided to combine crowdfunding with another cutting-edge journalism tool: drones.

by   -   July 10, 2014


There are number of industries that could harness the potential of UAVs, but they lack the skills and/or resources to design and build a reliable and professional system that fits their needs. SR2 wants to provide solution to that problem: a professional UAV system that industrial players can use as a platform to develop their own applications.

by   -   July 9, 2014
The VLAB Collaborative Robots forum on Thursday May 29 was a masterclass for robot startups.

by and   -   July 8, 2014

Back Sproutel’s crowdfunding campaign to get Jerry the Bear, their robotic healthcare coach, into the hands of every kid in the US who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Congrats Sproutel, on being the first startup on Robohub’s Indiegogo Partner Page!


by   -   July 8, 2014



What happens when you attend school via telepresence robot? This heartwarming Japanese science fiction film is now close to becoming science fact. In spite of winning a swathe of awards in Japan, Hinokio has never been screened in the US and will be premiering at the 4th Annual Robot Film Festival on July 19 at Bot&Dolly in San Francisco. As telepresence robots become affordable and increasingly used in educational settings, Hinokio demonstrates some of the challenges. And benefits of course. Perhaps soon we’ll all be worried about how attractive our robot body is to others.

by   -   July 8, 2014
Taihei Environmental Science Center has developed a system that automatically performs water quality testing, and can detect bacteria such as E. coli.

by and   -   July 7, 2014

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by   -   July 7, 2014
Robohub has partnered with Indiegogo, one of the leaders in hardware crowdfunding, to launch a dedicated Robohub Partner Page for robotics.

by   -   July 4, 2014
The TiddlyBot, which just launched on Kickstarter, has been developed to help young people have fun and learn about robotics and programming.