Robo-Insight #6

In this sixth edition, we are excited to feature robot progress in medical assistance, prosthetics, robot flexibility, joint movement, work performance, AI design, and household cleanliness. 
24 October 2023, by

Goal representations for instruction following

Natural language has the potential to be an easy-to-use interface for humans to specify arbitrary tasks, but it is difficult to train robots to follow language instructions.
22 October 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 58 – Lorenzo Jamone

In the latest episode of the Robot Talk podcast, Claire chatted to Lorenzo Jamone from Queen Mary University of London all about robotic hands, dexterity, and the sense of touch.
20 October 2023, by

New technique helps robots pack objects into a tight space

Researchers coaxed a family of generative AI models to work together to solve multistep robot manipulation problems.
17 October 2023, by

Interview with Marek Šuppa: insights into RoboCupJunior

Find out about some of the latest developments in the league, and how this year's competition went.
16 October 2023, by and

Easing job jitters in the digital revolution

As new technologies reshape workplaces, EU research has come up with new ways to help companies and workers stay in control.
15 October 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 57 – Kate Devlin

In the latest episode of the Robot Talk podcast, Claire chatted to Kate Devlin from King's College London about the social and ethical implications of robotics and AI. 
13 October 2023, by

#IROS2023 awards finalists and winners + IROS on Demand free for one year

Here we bring you the papers that received an award this year at IROS in case you missed them.
12 October 2023, by

The robots of #IROS2023

The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) not only showcased research but the latest commercialization in robotics, particularly robotics providers selling into robotics for research or as part of the hardware/software stack.
11 October 2023, by

Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots

MIT engineers develop a long, curved touch sensor that could enable a robot to grasp and manipulate objects in multiple ways.
08 October 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 56 – Guillaume Doisy

In the latest episode of the Robot Talk podcast, Claire chatted to Guillaume Doisy from Dexory all about autonomous warehouse robots, mobile robotics, and software.
06 October 2023, by

50 women in robotics you need to know about 2023

Celebrating International Women in Robotics Day October 4th.
04 October 2023, by and

World Robotics 2023 report: Asia ahead of Europe and the Americas

The new World Robotics report recorded 553,052 industrial robot installations in factories around the world – a growth rate of 5% in 2022, year-on-year. By region, 73% of all newly deployed robots were installed in Asia, 15% in Europe and 10% in the Americas.

#IROS2023: A glimpse into the next generation of robotics

The 2023 EEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2023) kicks off today at the Huntington Place in Detroit, Michigan.
01 October 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 55 – Sara Adela Abad Guaman

In the first episode of the new season, Claire chatted to Dr. Sara Adela Abad Guaman from University College London about adaptable robots inspired by nature.
30 September 2023, by

Robo-Insight #5

In this fifth edition, we are excited to feature robot progress in human-robot interaction, agile movement, enhanced training methods, soft robotics, brain surgery, medical navigation, and ecological research. 
25 September 2023, by

Soft robotic tool provides new ‘eyes’ in endovascular surgery

The magnetic device can help visualise and navigate complex and narrow spaces.

‘Brainless’ robot can navigate complex obstacles

Researchers who created a soft robot that could navigate simple mazes without human or computer direction have now built on that work, creating a “brainless” soft robot that can navigate more complex and dynamic environments.
21 September 2023, by

Battery-free origami microfliers from UW researchers offer a new bio-inspired future of flying machines

Researchers at the University of Washington present battery-free microfliers that can change shape in mid-air to vary their dispersal distance.

Virtual-reality tech is fast becoming more real

Touch sensations are improving to help sectors like healthcare and manufacturing, while other advances are being driven by the gaming industry.
16 September 2023, by

High-tech microscope with ML software for detecting malaria in returning travellers

Method not as accurate as human experts, but shows promise.
14 September 2023, by and

How drones are used during earthquakes

Drones are being used by responders in the terrible Morocco earthquake.
13 September 2023, by and

Making life friendlier with personal robots

Sharifa Alghowinem, a research scientist at the Media Lab, explores personal robot technology that explains emotions in English and Arabic.
11 September 2023, by

Fiber-infused ink enables 3D-printed heart muscle to beat

The ink helps heart muscle cells align so that they can contract in coordination.
09 September 2023, by

Interview with Jean Pierre Sleiman, author of the paper “Versatile multicontact planning and control for legged loco-manipulation”

We had the chance to interview Jean Pierre Sleiman, author of the paper "Versatile multicontact planning and control for legged loco-manipulation".
06 September 2023, by

Robo-Insight #4

In this fourth edition, we are excited to feature progress in mobile applications, cleaning, underwater mining, flexibility, human well-being, depression treatments, and human interactions.
03 September 2023, by

MIT engineers use kirigami to make ultrastrong, lightweight structures

Produced with techniques borrowed from Japanese paper-cutting, the strong metal lattices are lighter than cork and have customizable mechanical properties.
01 September 2023, by

New dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks by learning from simulation

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI to inform its actions.
29 August 2023, by

AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

With a new technique, a robot can reason efficiently about moving objects using more than just its fingertips.
27 August 2023, by

SVR Guide to Robotics Research and Education 2023

This volume serves as a guide to students who are interested in studying the field of robotics in any way.
22 August 2023, by

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