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by and   -   July 8, 2014

Back Sproutel’s crowdfunding campaign to get Jerry the Bear, their robotic healthcare coach, into the hands of every kid in the US who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Congrats Sproutel, on being the first startup on Robohub’s Indiegogo Partner Page!


by   -   July 8, 2014



What happens when you attend school via telepresence robot? This heartwarming Japanese science fiction film is now close to becoming science fact. In spite of winning a swathe of awards in Japan, Hinokio has never been screened in the US and will be premiering at the 4th Annual Robot Film Festival on July 19 at Bot&Dolly in San Francisco. As telepresence robots become affordable and increasingly used in educational settings, Hinokio demonstrates some of the challenges. And benefits of course. Perhaps soon we’ll all be worried about how attractive our robot body is to others.

by   -   July 8, 2014
Taihei Environmental Science Center has developed a system that automatically performs water quality testing, and can detect bacteria such as E. coli.

by and   -   July 7, 2014

A quick, hassle-free way to stay on top of robotics news from recent weeks, our monthly digest is released on the first Monday of every month.

by   -   July 7, 2014
Robohub has partnered with Indiegogo, one of the leaders in hardware crowdfunding, to launch a dedicated Robohub Partner Page for robotics.

by   -   July 4, 2014
The TiddlyBot, which just launched on Kickstarter, has been developed to help young people have fun and learn about robotics and programming.

The ‘Projector Drone’ does not record the world around it. It broadcasts onto it.

by   -   July 3, 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is in danger of missing a Congressionally mandated deadline for expanding the use of non military UAS in the US, according to a report that was conducted by the Department of Transportation’s Inspector General.

DOT Inspector General Calvin Scovel III said in the report that the FAA “is significantly behind schedule in meeting most of the [unmanned aerial systems] UAS-related provisions of the [2012] FAA Modernization and Reform Act.”

Read  more at UAS Vision.

Download the Audit Report from the Department of Transportation.

by   -   July 3, 2014

Although I am amazed with UAVs and their versatility, I must admit that having a flying camera zoom by – and zoom in on me – can be intimidating. Not because the drone has a camera, but because I don’t always know who is behind that camera. If the drone operator were immediately identifiable, however, I would have no problem. That is exactly the issue Fotokite tries to solve.

by   -   July 2, 2014

teller300.jpg Seth Teller, a renowned robotics professor at the MIT CSAIL, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 50.

He had just brought the MIT Team to the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge with one of the best performing humanoids in the competition.

by   -   June 27, 2014
Teams of roboticists from around the globe will convene in Los Angeles for the third and final round of the DARPA Robotics Challenge on June 5th and 6th, 2015. For this phase, DARPA will be cutting the safety tethers, power cords, and network connections that previously assisted robots. The roster of participants has also changed, with Japan, Korea, and the EU electing to sponsor teams and Team SCHAFT, winners of the last phase, deciding to withdraw from the competition.

by and   -   June 26, 2014


NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover captures a selfie to mark a full Martian year – 687 Earth days – spent exploring the Red Planet. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Robots, selfies and remote connectedness … It may be a lonely place to celebrate an anniversary, but on June 24th, Curiosity made the universe that much smaller – and robots that much more ubiquitous – by snapping a selfie to mark its one year anniversary on planet Mars. This photo will surely go down in history as a sign of the times.

To help celebrate Curiosity’s achievements, we’ve compiled a brief list of links, articles and videos that show just how far the Mars mission has come.

by   -   June 26, 2014

A recent newsletter from Harvest Automation, the start-up company that produces robots that move potted plants at nurseries and greenhouses, cites two very revealing trends regarding migrant workers.

by   -   June 25, 2014

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by   -   June 25, 2014
It's not even July, and 2014 has already been a tremendous year for Robohub. In addition to doubling our readership to over 50,000 unique monthly visitors, we successfully organized the first global robotics startup competition, launched the first global jobs board for the robotics community, and broadcast our 150th podcast. We also hit major milestones in our social media reach, including: 625,000 Google+ followers, 3000 Twitter followers and 1000 Facebook fans.