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by   -   November 16, 2015

Phiro is a LEGO compatible robotics and coding platform that helps young children learn to code and teaches problem solving and computational thinking, basic skills required for the next generation. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

by   -   November 16, 2015

According to the Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Applications Center, a non-profit industry advocacy organization, there are 251 unique configurations of unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) in service today, including 144 different vehicle platforms. That number is likely to grow in the coming years as the technology improves. Here’s what you need to know about them ...

Aurora Flight Sciences and Stratasys have unveiled the world’s first 3-D printed jet-powered drone.

by ,   -   November 13, 2015
Credit: Alexandre Szames, Antigravite, Paris, France
Credit: Alexandre Szames, Antigravite, Paris, France

Solar wind for robotic spacecraft, AI in fiction ranked by evilness, the drone with no flight time limit and 10 drones you won’t need to register.

by   -   November 13, 2015

Darpa Robotics Challenge winners, KAIST, were the stars of last week’s Humanoids 2015 conference, in Seoul, Korea. It was the first major outing for humanoid robots since the DRC earlier this year and even featured a mini-Darpa challenge.

by   -   November 12, 2015

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is taking its revolutionary Robotics Fast Track program on the road.

by   -   November 11, 2015

Equipping robotic grippers with human-like levels of compliance and versatility has long been a challenge. A new solution with a simple control input has already been used to pick up objects as diverse as a raw egg and a flat piece of paper.

by   -   November 10, 2015


The area of service robotics is getting active, with a new retail robot startup launching today. Tally is one of several robotics startups launching today at Haxlr8r’s 7th Demo Day. Tally is an inventory tracking robot platform from Simbe Robotics and the “world’s first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution” according to the press release.

The US State Department has granted the Italian Air Force permission to begin arming the country's American-bought MQ-9 Reaper drones. Italy will join the UK as the only US allies to operate armed Reapers.

by   -   November 6, 2015

For the first time, Pittsburgh will celebrate local robotics innovation and creativity with a film festival themed Robots at Work.

by ,   -   November 6, 2015

Almost human robots; N. American robotics market sets new record; Chinese robot sets walking record; will superhuman robots be our friends and more.

by ,   -   November 6, 2015
Researchers believe robots can be more effective than puppets and other traditional methods of treating autism. Image courtesy of the DREAM project.
Researchers believe robots can be more effective than puppets and other traditional methods of treating autism. Image courtesy of the DREAM project.

Few could deny the power of computer games and avatars to entertain us and perhaps even educate us. But now researchers are turning to internet and robotic technologies to develop new ways of helping children with autism interact with the world around them.

by ,   -   November 5, 2015
image: Bill Wesner/flickr
image: Bill Wesner/flickr

Robots have been getting their names in the record books. Whether it’s taking the first pictures on the moon or observing the deepest volcanic eruption, robots are setting Guinness World Records alongside the most impressive humans. We take a look at 15 official world records which have been set, and beaten, by robots.

by   -   November 4, 2015

The scenario of a rescue after a disaster on Mars could be in the movie « The Martian ». But during this collaborative rescue action everything, except Mars, is real: remote controlled robots, communication delays due to distance, teams of robot operators that are thousands of kilometres away from each other but working together to succeed in their mission.

by   -   November 3, 2015

Algorithm allows for real-time object-detection without Lidar or Kinect

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