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Frontiers was founded in 2007 by Henry and Kamila Markram, two neuroscientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Their vision is to empower researchers in the scientific publishing and communication process and make quality-controlled science freely available for the benefit of humanity. They launched Frontiers with a very clear goal: harness the power of technology and create an Open Science platform that truly serves researchers’ needs and empowers them in the scientific publishing process. Henry and Kamila are the main shareholders in Frontiers. Henry is a full-time neuroscientist at the EPFL, director of the Blue Brain Project and founder of the EU’s Human Brain Project. Kamila is a neuroscientist, autism researcher and Frontiers’ Chief Executive Officer, who, together with the Management Team, runs day-to-day Frontiers operations. Frontiers Open Science platform addresses the publishing challenges faced by the academic community and provides solutions to effectively review, publish and communicate research findings.

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