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What does it take to get from imagination to market?

It's the top-of-mind question for every would-be entrepreneur, and with the Robot Launch 2014 competition deadline coming up on March 30, it's an especially fitting question to pose to our panelists t...
12 March 2014, by

Big deals: What it means to have the giants investing in robotics

  If the world outside the robotics community didn't know about Boston Dynamics, Kiva and Nest, they do now. Recent robotics acquisitions and investments by major-league players like Google, Apple a...
12 February 2014, by

If you could enhance yourself with some robotic accessory or implant, what would it be?

  cy·borg  -  ˈsīˌbôrg/ - noun a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the bod...
15 January 2014, by

What were the top stories in robotics from 2013?

2013 is drawing to a close, and what a year it's been — not just for robotics news, but robotics-in-the-news too … this year has probably seen more news about robotics in the mainstream press than...
11 December 2013, by

What were the highlights at IROS/iREX this year?

Photo credit: Taichi on Wikimedia Commons. Robohub team members just returned from an exciting trip to Tokyo, where we attended the 2013 IROS conference and the concurrent iREX robot expo. With so ma...
13 November 2013, by

Is open source a good business model for robotics?

Open source vs. proprietary software is an age old question. Since the advent of robotics, we also have the question of open source hardware. In academia, where robotics researchers look to open so...
09 October 2013, by

What is the best way to get a robotics education today? What do you look for when hiring?

After a (relatively) quiet August, Rohobub is gearing up again this September as everyone in the robotics community heads back to work and school. This month, as part of our soon-to-launch focus se...
15 September 2013, by

Do robots need heads?

Robots are machines and most people agree that they primarily serve a utilitarian purpose. So why do so many of them have heads? Here are some thoughts by AJung Moon, Mark Stephen Meadows, Travis Deyl...
15 August 2013, by

What do policy-makers need to do to keep pace with economic development in robotics?

Economic policy may not jump to mind as a hot topic for roboticists, but it is a fundamental and influential driver behind the failure or success of the robotics community as a whole. After all, econo...
15 July 2013, by

What would you research if you did not have to worry about grants?

'Bean-counting' is a dull but necessary component of every grant proposal; it helps to keep our plans realistic, doable and accountable. But what if we weren't tied to grants and budgets? Would it cha...
17 June 2013, by

What is the single biggest obstacle preventing robotics from going mainstream?

It has been said that we are on the edge of a 'robotic tipping point' … but where, exactly, is this edge? And what's holding us back?  This month we asked our panelists to weigh in on what's keepin...
15 May 2013, by

Do robots kill jobs?

To coincide with Robohub's Jobs Focus, we asked our panelists to weigh in on the role that robots play in the wider economy, and whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for employment numbers. Her...
15 April 2013, by

How will robots shape the future of warfare?

Updated March 17, 2013 | This month we've asked our experts to weigh in on the future of robotics in warfare, and the broadness of this topic has prompted some of our panelists to push back and reques...
15 March 2013, by

What funding scheme is the most conducive to creating a robotics industry?

Welcome to Robotics by Invitation! This month we've asked our experts to weigh in on the best way to create tomorrow's robotics industry. Here's what they have to say: Raffaello D'Andrea on “Wh...
15 February 2013, by

If you had a EUR 100M investment fund, into which robotics technology or field of robotics would you put your money?

Welcome to Robotics by Invitation! Each month we pose a question of general interest to the robotics community, and ask our panel of experts to answer. So, where would the experts invest their m...
15 January 2013, by

What are the five must-read publications for budding roboticists?

Welcome to Robotics by Invitation! Each month we pose a question of general interest to the robotics community, and ask our panel of experts to answer. So, what's on the essential reading list f...
15 December 2012, by

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