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The obsession with creating ‘perfect female robots’: Should women be worried?

Julie Wosk is the author of a provocative book that gives the history of female robots in movies, television, art, literature, and includes a chapter on robotics. My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Andr...
14 July 2016, by

MIT robot helps nurses schedule tasks on labor floor

Robot from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab suggests where to move patients and who should do C-sections....
11 July 2016, by

Building better trust between humans and machines

MIT-SUTD researchers are creating improved interfaces to help machines and humans work together to complete tasks....
23 June 2016, by

What’s new in robotics this week? First commercial 3D printer in space is up and running

Investing in robots; China's robotics acquisitions; robot designed to hurt; exoskeleton for kids; Russian bot escapes testing ground; 3-DP in space and more. Find out what's happening in our robotics ...
17 June 2016, by and

Livestream conference: Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

The White House announced a series of public workshops on artificial intelligence (AI) and the creation of an interagency working group to learn more about the benefits and risks of artificial intelli...
06 June 2016, by

3-D printing hydraulically-powered robots, no assembly required

By Adam Conner-Simons | CSAIL One reason we don’t yet have robot personal assistants buzzing around doing our chores is because making them is hard. Assembling robots by hand is time-consuming, ...
06 April 2016, by

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Crowdsourcing in machine learning, with Adam Kalai of Microsoft Research

In episode twenty two we talk with Adam Kalai of Microsoft Research New England about his work using crowdsourcing in Machine Learning, we take a look at the workshops being presented at NIPS this ye...
26 October 2015, by

Talking Machines: The Master Algorithm, with UW’s Pedro Domingos

In episode 20 we chat with Pedro Domingos of the University of Washington, who has just published a book The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World....
25 September 2015, by

Why we need journalism about machine learning

[clear] Talking Machines is in the process of raising funds to defray the cost of producing our first season and to help us start production on our second season. On the show we’ve talked about h...
25 September 2015, by

Machine learning for sports & realtime predictions, w Microsoft Research’s Danny Tarlow

In episode sixteen we chat with Danny Tarlow of Microsoft Research Cambridge (in the UK not MA). Danny (along with Chris Maddison and Tom Minka) won best paper at NIPS 2014 for his paper A* Sampling. ...
31 July 2015, by

Talking Machines: On ‘solving intelligence’, with DeepMind’s Nando de Freitas

In episode fourteen we talk with Nando de Freitas. He’s a professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and a senior staff research scientist Google DeepMind. Right now he’s focusing o...
03 July 2015, by

True AI, or clever simulation? Transcendence movie has Johnny Depp crossing the Singularity

I was inspired to write this article after recently watching Transcendence starring Johnny Depp and reading this article “Death is Optional.”  What will the world look like when we cross the sing...
01 May 2015, by

Talking Machines: The automatic statistician and electrified meat, with Zoubin Ghahramani

In episode seven of Talking Machines we talk with Zoubin Ghahramani, professor of Information Engineering in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His project, The Automatic S...
26 March 2015, by

Livestream: Rodney Brooks, Abhinav Gupta, Andrew McAfee on AI and the rise of robots

Livestream of the Council of Foreign Relations' Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Annual Lecture on Science and Technology starting 02/27/2015 at 12:45 EST....
27 February 2015, by

Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a threat

Recently there has been a spate of articles in the mainstream press, and a spate of high profile people who are in tech but not AI, speculating about the dangers of malevolent AI being developed, and ...
11 November 2014, by

Signal processing technology to extract required information from image, sound, and biometric signals

At Keio University, the Mitsukura Laboratory, in the Department of System Design Engineering, researches how to extract required information from biometric, image, audio signal data. To achieve this, ...
26 May 2014, by

Why robots will not be smarter than humans by 2029

Statue of Alan Turing. Photo credit: Neil Crosby In the last few days we've seen a spate of headlines like 2029: the year when robots will have the power to outsmart their makers, all occasioned by ...
07 March 2014, by

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