Snake robots slither into our hearts, literally

The biblical narrative of the Garden of Eden describes how the snake became the most cursed of all beasts: “you shall walk on your belly, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.” The rep...
27 June 2017, by



TechBridgeWorld, with M. Bernardine Dias

Transcript below In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews M. Bernardine Dias, Associate Research Professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, about TechBridgeWorld. TechBridgeW...
18 September 2015, by

Unpowered exoskeleton improves efficiency of human walking

Humans have evolved to be incredibly efficient at walking. In fact, simulations of human locomotion show that walking on level ground and at a steady speed should theoretically require no power input ...

Developing trust in autonomous robots: Seminar with Michael Wagner

I recently had the opportunity to hear a talk from a colleague that I have worked with many times over the years. The talk was all about how to build safe and robust systems - a critical topic that ...
06 March 2015, by

Uber Chases Google in self-driving cars with Carnegie Mellon deal | WSJ

What might have been a budding partnership suddenly appeared to boil over into a pitched rivalry on Monday. Besides Uber’s disclosure that it will work on its own self-driving car technology, a Bloo...
03 February 2015, by

No, Google and Uber aren’t going to war over self-driving cars | The Verge

This week, Uber has announced a self-driving research initiative in partnership with Carnegie Mellon, while Google is rumored to be investigating ride-sharing using its own self-driving cars. At a gla...
03 February 2015, by

Google is developing its own Uber competitor | Bloomberg Business

Google Ventures, the search giant's venture capital arm, invested $258 million in Uber in August 2013. It was Google Ventures' largest investment deal ever, and the company put more money into Uber...
03 February 2015, by

Uber to collaborate with CMU on robocars

Uber announced a strategic partnership with CMU yesterday, including a robocar lab in Pittsburg, and rumours reported in TechCrunch suggest Uber could be hiring up to 50 CMU folks to staff it....
03 February 2015, by

The CORAL group: Interview with Joydeep Biswas and Brian Coltin

Our newest video interview features PhD student Joydeep Biswas, who works with Dr. Manuela Veloso’s CORAL research group, and scientist Brian Coltin, who is at NASA's Ames Intelligent Research g...

Robotics Summer of Learning at CMU

This summer, students have the opportunity to learn how to program robots, design games, animate stories, and earn a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes and scholarships! The Robotics Summer of Learn...
06 June 2013, by

Snake robot teams up with search-and-rescue dog in US | BBC News

The search-and-rescue test involved sending the dogs through a concrete pipe into the "collapsed building" at an emergency-response training centre. They had been trained to bark when they found a po...
29 April 2013, by

Robotic kit for kids

The Hummingbird robotics kit is a spin-off product of Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab. Hummingbird is designed to enable engineering and robotics activities for ages 10 and up that involve the making of ...
04 January 2013, by

Robotic future of retail

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University see the future of retail — with AndyVision, technology that helps to improve the shopping experience for both customers and retail staff. AndyVision is a...
01 November 2012, by

CMU’s Robot Hall of Fame inducts four

"The Robot Hall of Fame inducted four robots chosen for the first time by a popular vote — Aldebaran Robotics' NAO humanoid, iRobot's PackBot bomb disposal robot, Boston Dynamics' four-legg...
26 October 2012, by

Ball rolling robots

San Francisco based Bossa Nova Robotics develops personal robots for the home based on the ballbot technology under license from CMU. Founded by robotics entrepreneur Sarjoun Skaff as a spin-off out o...
25 October 2012, by

Research and academics: CMU’s Robot Hall of Fame | Robotics Trends

Heather and her robot bring theater to the proceedings, highlighting the many innovative ways that robots can communicate like and with people. See on
13 September 2012, by

Two different approaches to spawn robotics; one common thread

Sometimes a company is founded because it stumbles upon a niche that it can fill better than any other company. Such a company is RE2 (Robotics Engineering Excellence). Founded by Jorgen Pedersen as a...
21 August 2012, by

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