The Drone Center’s Weekly Roundup: 2/27/17

February 20, 2017 – February 26, 2017 At the Center for the Study of the Drone Dronescapes is a collection of vibrant, mystical paintings of drones by Australian artist Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fo...

Parrot struggling, Lily fails and Google closes Titan Project as drone industry disunites

Toy and entertainment drones, camera drones for professional and business use, moon-shot drones and military drones are all becoming more and more distinct as much of the drone industry gets commodit...
13 January 2017, by

Lofty goals crash land while B2B drones prosper

Key executives leaving (or were requested to leave) Goggle's drone delivery Project Wing; GoPro recalls all of its newly launched Karma drones and doesn't offer a replacement; DJI slashes prices. What...
15 November 2016, by

Why DJI is succeeding in making and selling drones and 3DR didn’t

It was clear that DJI was winning the drone commoditization war by the end of 2015. Today's best sellers are mostly DJI products. Other makers (Parrot, 3D Robotics, Autel, Yuneec et al) haven't been a...
18 October 2016, by

Xiaomi challenges DJI with a low-cost drone

Xiaomi, one of China’s star Internet, phone and electronics startups, develops cut-rate but reliable phones and consumer devices and markets them directly to consumers online. Their new HD drone...
09 June 2016, by

Drone maker DJI and Toyota: setting up R&D centers in Silicon Valley

No wonder rents are so high in Silicon Valley. Companies from around the world are setting up research facilities and grabbing talent from the area.  The most recent announcements are that Chinese dr...
09 November 2015, by

Big bucks and big audiences for drones

Intel Capital invested $60m in Chinese drone startup Yuneec last month. At last week's InterDrone conference and expo, one can readily see why: lots of interest, lots of people, and products that are ...
14 September 2015, by

Competition heats up for consumer-friendly aerial photography drones

Competition is fierce in the world of consumer drones these days, especially among companies marketing products than can produce pro quality video and photography without having to hire a drone ...
06 May 2015, by and

Chinese shopping for global robotics ventures

April has seen Chinese VCs acquiring robotic ventures, buying out competitors, seeking funding to scale up production, and shoring up industry gaps....
30 April 2015, by

Liability concerns for drone co’s imposing technical measures to enforce no fly zones

Shortly after a Phantom crash-landed on the grounds of the White House, its maker, DJI, announced that it would release a mandatory firmware update that would restrict flights within 15.5 miles of dow...
03 February 2015, by

Does the Small UAV industry need its own coalition?

Last week USA Today reported that Amazon, 3D Robotics, Parrot and DJI had banded together to form a "Small UAV Coalition", hiring DC-based lobbying firm Akin Gump to represent their interests...
22 August 2014, by

DJI Spreading Wings S900

DJI Innovations keeps pushing new products into the market. As a market leader in flying camera technology, it recently introduced Ground Station for its Phantom 2 Vision and the Drop Safe parachut...
15 August 2014, by

DJI DropSafe System

One of the main concerns about UAV, apart from privacy, is their safety. No one really wants to have a flying lawnmower falling from the sky, or buzzing near passenger aircraft. As drones become more ...
31 July 2014, by

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