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Are robots the future of precision lung surgery?

No matter how great a surgeon is, robotic assistance can bring a higher level of precision to the operating table. The ability to remotely operate a robot that can hold precision instruments greatly i...
13 June 2017, by

Intuitive Surgical offers funding for technology research: Deadline June 5

Intuitive Surgical offers funding for technology research grants for projects in 2016. Researchers at non-profit institutions world wide can apply. LOIs can be submitted until June 5....
28 May 2015, by



Computer-Assisted Surgery, with Karol Miller

In this episode Ron Vanderkley speaks to Prof. Karol Miller, Director of the Intelligent Systems for Medicine Lab at the University of Western Australia, about medical robotics and how doctors and pat...
27 June 2014, by

Titan Medical secures $34.8 million from public offering

Titan Medical, a publicly-traded Canadian start-up company developing a robotic surgical system for minimally-invasive surgeries, announced the completion of two rounds of public offering totally $34....
23 May 2014, by

Recent robotics-related IPOs

Since late November, 2013 there have been three robotic companies that have gone public on U.S. and global stock exchanges: Medtech, Ekso Bionics and Cyberdyne....
26 April 2014, by

Micro-robotics and medicine: Interview with Toshio Fukuda

An international leader in the field of robotics and automation, Toshio Fukuda is best known for his pioneering work on micro robotics systems — including microsensors and micro actuators — a...
07 January 2014, by

Mazor Robotics on a roll

Mazor Robotics’ stock (NASDAQ:MZOR and TASE:MZOR) has steadily rolled up 260% year-to-date....
25 November 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.11 – High “REWARD”

As always, remember you can see more at Nate's Website....
26 July 2013, by

Minimally-invasive eye surgery on the horizon as magnetically-guided microbots approach clinical trials

Unlike larger robots, microrobots for applications in the body are too small to carry batteries and motors. To address this challenge, we power and control robots made of magnetic materials using exte...
26 June 2013, by

Webinar with Dr. Pierre Dupont: Creating robotic technology for ultra-minimally invasive surgery

Many surgeries today are performed as open, invasive procedures because surgeons lack the right tools. Our goal is to create the technology that will enable converting these open procedures to minima...
06 May 2013, by

Court denies Intuitive Surgical’s bid to throw out lawsuit | Bloomberg

A Washington state court yesterday denied Intuitive’s bid to throw out a lawsuit over the death of a patient operated on using the company’s da Vinci surgical system, according to court filings. ...
27 March 2013, by

Disruptive robotics

On February 1st of this year, Catherine Mohr, Director of Medical Research and chief spokesperson for Intuitive Surgical (ISRG:NASDAQ), gave a talk on the campus of CMU. (Video of talk and Q&A)....
05 March 2013, by

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