On Pepper, Aldebaran and emotional robotics: Interview with Bruno Maisonnier

Bruno Maisonnier at TedExConcorde. Photo credit: Rodrigo SEPÚLVEDA SCHULZ. Last week I dropped by Aldebaran’s studio to get a glimpse of Pepper in action, and was pretty excited about this robot. ...
24 June 2014, by

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 4): Interview with Raffaello D’Andrea

In this 4th interview of our four-part ECHORD series, conducted last June, Sascha Griffiths from TUM talks to Raffaello D'Andrea, Professor of Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich and technical c...
28 February 2014, by

Micro-robotics and medicine: Interview with Toshio Fukuda

An international leader in the field of robotics and automation, Toshio Fukuda is best known for his pioneering work on micro robotics systems — including microsensors and micro actuators — a...
07 January 2014, by

Robots at home: Interview with Assistobot CEO Tjin Van Der Zant

Tjin Van Der Zant helped found “Robocup at Home” in 2006, and since then the organization has spread to include a number of new locations everywhere from Brazil to Thailand. As a professor at the ...
05 January 2014, by and

Michael McMaster talks robots, building and his new project

Michael McMaster and his latest creation - a life-sized Wall-E. If you’re a diehard Star Wars fan, or if you have a background in robotics, you might already know who Michael McMaster is. In the pa...
26 December 2013, by

Discovering social robotics with the Aisoy1

Aisoy, a spanish robotics startup, is motivated by the goal of building intelligent, personal, "social" robots, which make our lives easier and funnier. Their robot, the Aisoy1, is their first step to...
23 December 2013, by

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Mentors of Steel: The role of mentoring in robotics education

The Girls of Steel – a competitive FIRST team located in Pittsburg, PA – is on a mission to draw more young women into engineering. We've already heard what it's like to be part of an all-girls ro...
27 September 2013, by , and

My pathway to robotics

My name is Jaidyn Edwards. I am eighteen years old and live in South Australia. For me, being interested in robotics was part of an evolutionary process built upon a few core interests I had as a chil...
25 September 2013, by

Drones for Schools

To understand what the Drones for Schools program is, and how it came about, it helps to know a few things about my background. I didn't originally set out to be a STEM educator. I had some science ed...
24 September 2013, by

Guiding technology through uncertain valleys: SRI’s Rich Mahoney on risks, rewards, and the future of robotics

  As part of our series on ‘High-Risk / High-Reward’ robotics, I interviewed SRI International's Director of Robotics, Rich Mahoney, who's role there is to help identify important emerging robot...
18 July 2013, by and

Research Days: Multi-UAV systems

Autonomously flying robots — also called small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — are more and more exploited in civil and commercial applications for monitoring, surveillance, and disaster r...
17 July 2013, by and

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 3): Interview with Minoru Asada

  Established experts in the field of robotics were recently interviewed by a group of scientists from the ECHORD project at Technische Universität München. Motivated by the fact that indust...
17 May 2013, by

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 2): Interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro

The second interview of this four-part series about collaboration between academia and industry was conducted at the CITEC Summer School 2012 at the Center of Excellence “Cognitive Interaction Techn...
22 April 2013, by

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 1): Interview with Rodney Brooks

This is the first in a four-part interview series about collaboration between academia and industry, conducted by a group of scientists from the ECHORD project at Technische Universität München. W...
05 April 2013, by

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